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Garden Gate Buying Guide

Buying a Garden Gate

Secure your garden or outdoor area in style with our robust range of Garden Gates.

This guide is crafted to aid you in finding the perfect garden gate to match your needs—be it a modern aesthetic or paramount privacy, our collection has a gate tailored to your precise preferences - including the side of the hinge. 

Every Garden Gate is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled Manufacturing team in Devon, offering fully bespoke dimensions to ensure a perfect fit and a long-lasting boundary for years to come.

Things to consider

What style of gate are you after?

What budget do you have in mind?

What type of timber would you like?


Our best-selling Closeboard Garden Gate is our Padstow style.

Pressure treated for protection against rot and decay, this gate is a stylish security solution - available in various different heights and widths.

High Budget

For those looking for a high-quality, sturdy gate that is also extremely aesthetically pleasing, our Mortise & Tenon Gates are the perfect match.

Planed and pressure-treated, these gates are built to last.


If you’re looking for a high quality, naturally durable gate that requires little maintenance, then look no further than our Iroko side gate.

Made from African Iroko Hardwood, these gates have a beautiful, golden hue and are extremely long-lasting - the average lifespan being 30 years.


Cedar Slatted Gates are designed to permit light and air passage, all while preserving your privacy with its robust design.

Mid-Range Budget

If you would still like a durable Garden Gate, but with a sawn finish for a more rustic look, our Featheredge Garden gates will work for you.

Joinery Grade Redwood

Our Redwood has a lifespan of 15 years with the appropriate maintenance, so our Redwood Gates are a great choice for those who would like a long lasting side gate without the Hardwood price tag.


Our handmade Picket Gates are perfect for garden or pedestrian access. 

This option can be used to match picket fencing or just a stand alone gate by itself.

Low Budget

Picket style gates are an affordable alternative to our other Garden Gates, and allow for easy pedestrian access with a light, airy design.

Mixed Softwood

Our Mixed Softwood gates are a cost-effective, lightweight option for a Garden Gate.

When treated, mixed softwoods can resist decay, still making them a durable option for outdoor use.

Types of Garden Gates

Tongue and Groove Gate
  • Durability: The Tongue and Groove design interlocks the boards securely, reducing the likelihood of warping and gaps and ensures the longevity of the gate

  • Pressure Treated: Also ensuring the lifespan of the gate, we thoroughly pressure treat our timber with Green Lonza treatment to protect against rot and decay

  • Customisable: The design allows for flexibility in finishing, including painting or staining, to match garden aesthetics, and is available in bespoke measurements

Tongue and Groove Garden Gates offer exceptional durability and style. Our gates are hand-made with pressure treated timber, aiding protection against rot, decay, and the elements and further enhancing their lifespan.

Beyond robustness, these gates are highly customisable; available in bespoke sizes to fit any garden entry and designed for flexibility in finishing. Whether painted or stained, they seamlessly blend with your garden's aesthetic, making them a perfect, enduring addition to any outdoor space.

Featheredge Gate
  • Pressure Treated: Our gates undergo green tanalisation to ensure durability and resistance against the elements.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Featheredge gates have a traditional, rustic look that can complement a wide range of garden designs. 
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other gate types, featheredge gates are typically more affordable, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or appearance.

Our Featheredge garden gates, pressure treated with green tanalisation, offer unmatched durability and resistance against the harsh British weather. With their traditional, rustic appeal from their featheredge finish, these gates beautifully compliment a wide array of garden designs.

They also stand out as a cost-effective option, providing a high-quality entrance solution without a high price tag. The combination of aesthetic appeal, affordability, and robust construction makes our featheredge gates an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their garden's entrance with a durable, attractive, and budget-friendly option.

Slatted Gate
  • Natural Light and Visibility: The gaps between the slats allow natural light to pass through, creating a welcoming entrance without compromising privacy. This feature is particularly beneficial in shaded gardens or areas where additional light is desirable.
  • Privacy: This construction technique enhances privacy and security by creating a solid barrier with little spaces between the boards
  • Available in 2 timbers: For those who prefer little maintenance, our slatted gate is available in Cedar. Alternatively, we also offer the slatted gate in Redwood.

Our Slatted gates are a versatile and stylish garden gate option, often used in both residential and commercial properties to provide security while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. They consist of horizontal slats fixed within a frame, which can be made from either Cedar or Redwood.

The spacing between the slats can be adjusted for privacy, allowing for a customisable balance between visibility and security. Their design not only enhances the property's exterior, but also allows for natural light and air flow, making them a popular choice for gardens, driveways, and entrances.

In-House Manufacturing

Things to look for when using Garden Gates

Gate Posts

We understand that each customer has a different set of requirements and wants, which is why we have a wide selection of posts available to compliment your gate.

Whether you would like Sawn Timber posts or Planed posts, we’ve got you covered. Simply head to the checkout and the appropriate sized posts will be suggested!


For the perfect final touch on your gate, Ironwork bundles are available to purchase when adding to cart. These have been carefully selected to align with the measurements of your order and will include everything you need.

From hinges, drop bolts and latches, you will receive the complete package!


We always recommend using UV protection (in particular Osmo Oil) on your gate, at least every 6-12 months. This ensures your gate maintains its beautiful colour and helps protect the timber against decay and the elements.

Gate Maintenance

  • Clean up: Before installing your posts and panels we would recommend clearing out the area. This will include any leaves debris or anything that might cause rot in the long-run. It's better to take your time making sure the area is clean and ready for your new fencing!
  • Apply Oil: Always apply OSMO Oil to your slatted panels. Once dry apply two coats of this. Aim to apply this every 12 months. This will help keep the natural colour of your fencing. If you're subscribed to our emails we will send you out a reminder each year to keep on top of this
  • Regular Inspection: It's always worth keeping an eye out on your panels, if you start to notice any decay or debris build up its best to address the issue as quickly as possible. This way one small issue doesn't end up costing you an entire new fence!
  • Seasonal Care: As we know the British climate has its dry and (especially) wet months. Depending on the time of year we would advise different forms of care. In wet months you want to be clearing debry and snow from panels. In early summer / late spring is when it is best to apply your OSMO stain. This is when the sun comes out and without stain the sun will start to change the colour of timber to silvery grey.

We sell a full OSMO Oil Care Kit HERE

Our Service

Need any further advice or would like a quote? Get in touch with us and our helpful and experienced team can talk you through all the options