Nails Stainless Steel


Size: 30 x 2.36 (x890)



Annular rings provide additional holding power where increased grip is required. Manufactured from A2 Stainless Steel offering superior corrosion resistance, perfect for external applications. Stainless steel must be used where there is a corrosive environment and/or the base material has inherent corrosive characteristics e.g. Green Oak.

  • A2 stainless steel for external applications
  • Conforms to Eurocode 5 and service class 3
  • 4 - Urban & industrial areas with a moderate salt atmosphere
  • BS EN 14592:2008
  • 1kg bag
  • 30 x 2.36 (890)
  • 40 x 2.65 (546)
  • 50 x 3.35 (276)

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