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Entrance Gate Buying Guide

Buying an Entrance Gate

Enhance your curb-appeal without compromising on quality with our Entrance Gate Collection.

This guide has been formulated to help you select the ideal gate for you - whether your priority is contemporary design or ultimate privacy, we will have a gate that suits your exact requirements, down to the hinge side.

Each Driveway Gate is handcrafted in Devon by our expert Manufacturing team, and available in completely bespoke sizes, so you can be sure that your purchase is built to last.

Things to consider

What style of gate are you after?

How many gates do you want to cover the drive?

What budget do you have in mind?

Close-board Gate

Our most popular Closeboard Gate amongst our customers is our Highampton Gate. 

Featuring Mortise and Tenon Joints and a contemporary design, these gates are perfect for those looking for elegance and privacy.

Equal Split Gates

Equal Split Gates will split the total width into two as an equal pair. You will need to select the width as pair, not individual gates.

These can be made to be suitable for automation.

High Budget

If you’re looking for a high quality, naturally durable gate, then look no further than our Iroko Range.

Made from African Iroko Hardwood, these gates have a beautiful, golden hue and are extremely long-lasting - the average lifespan being 30 years.

Slatted or Close-board with Windows

Our Cedar Slatted Gates or Cottage Gates allow light and airflow, whilst still maintaining privacy.

¾ Split Gates

Our 3/4 Split Gates are a popular choice for those who would like both pedestrian and car access.

This gate would arrive as 25% on one gate and 75% on the other.

Mid-Range Budget

For those who would still like high-quality, durable gates in Softwood, our Treated Redwood T&G Gates are perfect. 

Available in various different styles, such as Croyde or Cottage, 

Open Gates

For those who love their driveway open and welcoming, while still stylish and modern, we recommend gates such as our Picket Driveway Gate or Exbourne Gate.

These gates allow light and airflow, whilst maintaining a clear boundary for your home.

Bifold Gates

With the options of 3 leaf, 4 leaf or 5 leaf, our Bifold Gates can be made completely bespoke. 

The gates will fold into themselves - an ideal solution for those with a smaller drive.

Low Budget

5 Bar Entrance Gates are a great choice for sophisticated gates on a budget. 

Pressure treated to withstand the elements, these gates are also built to last.

Types of Driveway Gates

Redwood Treated Driveway Gate
  • Mortise & Tenon Joints: Our Redwood Treated Driveway Gates are made using Mortise & Tenon joints, ensuring they will stand the test of time

  • Pressure Treated Timber: To help protect the timber from rot, decay and the elements, we thoroughly treat our gates with Green Lonza treatment.
  • Contemporary Design: Available in various different styles, our Redwood Gates are the epitome of modern design, enhancing your curb appeal effortlessly.

Our Redwood Driveway gates offer a stylish and modern touch to any entrance, combining contemporary aesthetics with a robust structure

We provide a wide array of designs and styles, allowing you to select the ideal match for your home and driveway, including options like Highhampton, Croyde, Cottage, Shebbear Featheredge, Clovelly, Exbourne, and Diamond Brace.

Our Highhampton, Croyde, Clovelly, and Cottage gates feature Tongue and Groove boards that have undergone pressure treatment with a Green Lonza solution, accompanied by a 15-year warranty for peace of mind.

If needed, we also offer driveway side gates in any design to seamlessly match your main driveway gate, effectively closing any gaps along your driveway.

Iroko Entrance Gate
  • West African Iroko: Made from Iroko, derived from West Africa, our Hardwood gates are a becoming popular choice due to the beautiful natural hues and long-lasting properies.
  • Low maintenance: Iroko is known for its strength, durability and natural resistant to rot. We would always recommend to apply OSMO Stain in order to maintain its colour.
  • Modern & Stylish: Iroko has a deep, golden colour, which elevates any entrance effortlessly

Made using one of the most attractive and durable species of timber, Iroko derives from tropical Africa. With tones of yellowy brown and overtime, turning darker to a more golden colour; this is thr perfect timber species when wanting to make a statement and create a simply stunning driveway or side entrance.

Bifold Gates
  • Ideal for smaller driveways: Looking for a space effective entry solution? Our Bifold gates easily fold into themselves and require less space than typically swing gates, so are perfect for those who have slightly smaller driveways
  • Easy to use: Automated bi-fold gates can be easily operated with remote controls such keypads or smartphones, adding convenience for users. Manual options are also typically easy to use, with lightweight materials and smooth mechanisms.

  • Modern Design: Bi-fold gates are highly aesthetic, with the ability to blend in with or enhance the architectural style of a property. They offer a modern and stylish entry solution that can boost the curb appeal of any property.

Bi-fold gates, known for their space-effective design, fold back on themselves, making them perfect for properties with limited space.

They combine quick operation and enhanced security, offering a solid barrier when closed. Our Bifold gates can be made completely bespoke in the measurements and hang to match any property’s aesthetic and needs.

¾ Split Gates
  • Pedestrian Access: The 75%/25% split design allows for partial opening, making it easier to access the property by foot or for smaller tasks, without the need to open the entire gate. This can be particularly convenient for quick entries.

  • Modern & Versatile Design: While maintaining a contemporary aesthetic, our 3/4 split gates are available in various different designs and finishes, allowing for customisation to match the property's existing style or the owner's personal taste.

  • Durability: Our 3/4 Split gates are made from high-quality timber, in treated softwoods and hardwoods, which are known for their durability and resistance to the elements. The construction technique (using Mortise & Tenon joints) and materials used ensures that the gates withstand the test of time and weather conditions.

Designed to accommodate both vehicular and pedestrian access, the split gate feature offers unparalleled convenience, with a 75% to 25% split ratio.

Each gate is also meticulously crafted using Mortise and Tenon joints and pressure-treated timber to ensure longevity and strength.

In-House Manufacturing

Things to look for when buying an Entrance Gate


We understand that each customer has a different set of requirements and wants, which is why we have a wide selection of posts available to compliment your gate.

Whether you would like Sawn Timber posts, Iroko Posts or Planed Redwood posts, we’ve got you covered. Simply head to the checkout and the appropriate sized posts will be suggested!

If you need advice on which post is best for your gate, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on


For the perfect final touch on your gate, Ironwork bundles are available to purchase when adding to cart.

These have been carefully selected to align with the measurements of your order and will include everything you need. From hinges, drop bolts, latch and throw over loop, you will receive the complete package!


We always recommend using UV protection (in particular Osmo Oil) on your gate, at least every 6-12 months. This ensures your gate maintains its beautiful colour and helps protect the timber against decay and the elements.

Iroko vs. Redwood

Still unsure of the difference between Iroko and Redwood? 

The main difference between Iroko and Redwood is the timber type. Redwood is a popular Softwood, whereas Iroko is a Hardwood - known for durability.

The other big difference is the lifespan. Redwood has a lifespan of around 15 years, whereas Iroko is 30 years (double the life time!). We do always recommend to treat both timbers with UV protection to ensure the gates keep both their colour and their quality.

Gate Maintenance & Assembly

  • Clean up: Before installing your posts and gates, we would recommend clearing out the area. This will include any leaves debris or anything that might cause rot in the long-run. It's better to take your time making sure the area is clean and ready for your new fencing!
  • Apply Oil: Always apply OSMO Oil to your gates. Once dry apply two coats of this. Aim to apply this every 12 months. This will help keep the natural colour of your fencing. If you're subscribed to our emails we will send you out a reminder each year to keep on top of this
  • Regular Inspection: It's always worth keeping an eye out on your gates, if you start to notice any decay or debris build up its best to address the issue as quickly as possible. This way one small issue doesn't end up costing you an entire new fence!
  • Seasonal Care: As we know the British climate has its dry and (especially) wet months. Depending on the time of year we would advise different forms of care. In wet months you want to be clearing debry and snow from panels. In early summer / late spring is when it is best to apply your OSMO stain. This is when the sun comes out and without stain the sun will start to change the colour of timber to silvery grey.

We sell a full OSMO Oil Care Kit HERE

Installation Advice

When using bands and hooks with a pair of entrance gates, we recommend ordering your gates 40mm smaller than the total opening. This allows a 10mm gap in the centre, with 15mm on either side to prevent the gates fouling when opening or closing.

1. Mark the centre along the top and bottom rails and position the hinges screw holes on this line.

2. Mark the position of the screw and bolt holes before drilling the pilot holes for the screws and bolt. (As a general rule a pilot hole for a screw should be 1mm smaller than the screw and a clearance hole for a bolt should be 0.5-1mm larger than the bolt itself).

3. The hinge can now be fixed to the gate, note that the bolt may need to be shortened.

4. Install the eyelet to the hinge, sandwiching the hinge between the 2 locking bolts.

5. Measure up from the very bottom of the gate to the bottom of the eyelet, then add your bottom clearance. We would recommend around 25mm for the bottom clearance of a gate on level floor but if your driveway slopes this amount may need to increase. The sum of those 2 numbers, minus the distance from the hook to the bottom of the plate will give you the height at which to mount the hook-on-plate to your gate post.

6. When fitting the hook-on-plates we would recommend checking they are inline with a level before fully securing them to the post.

7. Your driveway will likely slope between the posts so we recommend starting at the higher post and using a straightedge and level to mark the second post as opposed to measuring up from the floor.

8. The gates can now be lifted into place, it’s likely that the hinges will require adjustment to ensure the gates sit level and have equal clearance between the gates and posts.

Our Service

Need any further advice or would like a quote? Get in touch with us and our helpful and experienced team can talk you through all the options