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Planter Buying Guide

Buying a Planter

Elevate your garden or outdoor space with our exquisite collection of Garden Planters.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you in discovering the ideal garden planter for your requirements—whether you're seeking a raised planter for easy access, or a planter with trellis for growing plants, our range offers planters specifically suited to your unique taste, including customisable features.

Each Planter is expertly handcrafted by our expert Manufacturing team in Devon, ensuring quality and durability for years to come. Our planters also all arrive fully assembled, so say goodbye to stressful hours spent building your planters and say hello to instantly uplifting your garden upon delivery!

Things to consider

What style of planter are you after?

What budget do you have in mind?

What type of wood would you like?

Rectangular planter

A classic, timeless planter that is perfect for adorning your garden or outdoor space and for growing plants, flowers and vegetables. 

Available in various styles and timbers, and in bespoke measurements, you can find the perfect rectangular planter for your needs.

High budget

For those looking for a low maintenance planter made of Hardwood, look no further than our Iroko planter.

Constructed from African Iroko, this planter has gorgeous, natural brown hues that will seamlessly blend into any garden.

Cedar & Larch

Cedar and Larch timber is widely known for their long-lasting qualities, as well as their beautiful colouring.

The average lifespan for Cedar and Larch, if well kept, is 30 years - making your Cedar or Larch planter a stunning addition to your outdoor area for years to come

Tall planter

A style typically purchased by restaurant owners, this planter is great for those who like a taller planter for mobility issues or for those who would like to create a boundary with their planters.

Medium budget

If you still want a planter that requires little maintenance, but without the hardwood price tag, our Scandinavian Redwood planters certainly fit the bill.


Our Decking planters are perfect for those who already have wooden decking, creating a unified look that can be a natural extension of the existing outdoor design.

Tiered planter

Looking for a planter that’s space efficient and eye-catching? Our Tiered Planters enable you to plant multiple species of plants and flowers in a compact, aesthetically pleasing way.

Low budget

Our Metal Planters are waterproof and do not require any UV protection, so are ideal for those who lead a busy life-style - as well as being cheaper than our wood alternatives!

Rough Sawn

Popular for its rustic charm, our Rough Sawn planters are the perfect budget friendly option that still brings style to your outdoor area or garden.

Types of Planters

Rectangular Planter
  • Versatility in Planting: These planters accommodate a wide range of plants, from small flowers to larger shrubs, and can be used for a single species or mixed planting. The shape is particularly well-suited for creating rows of plants, which is ideal for herbs, vegetables, or formal garden displays.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Rectangular planters provide a clean and modern look, complementing both contemporary and traditional architecture. They can be used to create natural borders or to enhance the geometry of a space, adding structure to garden designs.
  • Pressure Treated: To ensure the longevity of the planter, we thoroughly treat our planters with Green Lonza treatment

A classic, versatile planter, perfectly designed to accommodate everything from delicate flowers to robust shrubs. These planters are ideal for single species or mixed displays.

Create neat rows of herbs or a striking vegetable garden—their clean, modern lines complement any architectural style, enhancing both contemporary and traditional spaces. For added durability, each planter is pressure-treated with Green Lonza, ensuring they stand the test of time while beautifying your outdoor areas.

Tiered Planter
  • Maximised Growing Space: By utilising vertical space, tiered planters allow you to grow more plants in a smaller area. This is especially beneficial for those with limited ground space, such as balcony or patio gardeners.
  • Ideal for Companion Planting: The separate tiers can be used to group compatible plants together while keeping incompatible plants apart. This can enhance plant health and yield through beneficial interactions among plant species.
  • Versatile Design Options: Tiered planters come in various designs, sizes, and materials, making it easy to find one that fits your specific aesthetic or functional needs.

Tiered Planters optimise limited spaces by vertically expanding gardening areas, ideal for balcony or patio enthusiasts. They facilitate companion planting across separate tiers, boosting plant health and productivity. With a diverse range of designs, sizes, and materials, finding a tiered planter to match any aesthetic preference is effortlessly achievable, from rustic wood to sleek metal.

Raised Planters
  • Ease of Access: The height of raised planters makes them easier to reach without bending or kneeling, reducing strain on the back and knees. This makes gardening more accessible for everyone, especially those with limited mobility or the elderly.
  • Pest Control: Raised planters are generally more resistant to pests, like slugs and snails. Additionally, they can be lined to prevent burrowing pests such as moles and gophers from accessing the plants from below.

Experience the convenience and aesthetic appeal of our Raised Planters. Designed with accessibility in mind, these planters are elevated to minimise bending and kneeling, making gardening enjoyable and comfortable for everyone, especially those with limited mobility or the elderly.

Enhanced pest resistance keeps slugs, snails, and burrowing critters like moles and gophers at bay, ensuring your plants thrive in a secure environment. Perfect for every gardener seeking ease and efficiency in their gardening endeavors.

In-House Manufacturing

Things to look for when using Planters


We recommend liner for a multitude of reasons:

  • Weed Suppression: A liner can act as a barrier to weeds, helping to prevent them from growing up into the planter from the underlying soil. This is especially useful in areas where invasive weeds or grasses are a concern.
  • Moisture Retention: Liners can help to retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation. This can be particularly beneficial in hot, dry climates or during the peak of summer. However, it's important to ensure the liner has proper drainage to prevent waterlogged soil.
  • Protection of the Planter: For wooden or metal planters, a liner can protect the material from direct contact with moist soil, potentially extending the life of the planter by preventing rot or rust.

For the ultimate customtisation, you could paint your planters to fit with your garden's aesthetic.

All paint used has to be water-based with our timber - we recommend Osmo Paint


To prevent against rot and decay, we highly recommend treating your planter with Osmo Oil at least every 6 months

Planter Maintenance & Assembly

Clean: We always recommend cleaning the area surrounding your planters - as well as the planters themselves -  to prevent dirt and debris build up that could cause damage to your planter

UV Protect: To prevent excessive water ingress and subsequent warping, we highly recommend applying Osmo Oil to your planter at least every 6-12 months when the planter is dry. If you’re subscribed to our emails, we will send you a reminder of this each year!

Regular inspection: It's always worth keeping an eye out on your planters, if you start to notice any decay or debris build up its best to address the issue as quickly as possible. This way one small issue doesn't end up costing you an entire new planter!

Seasonal Care: As we know, the British climate has its dry and (especially) wet months. Depending on the time of year we would advise different forms of care. In wet months you want to be clearing debris and snow from your planters. In early summer / late spring is when it is best to apply your OSMO stain. This is when the sun comes out and without stain, the sun will start to change the colour of timber to silvery grey.

We sell a full OSMO Oil Care Kit HERE

Our planters arrive fully assembled, so not building is required!

Our Service

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