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Restaurant Decking Planters

Timber decking planters are a large part of our complete range of restaurant planters, and this is no coincidence. The strong, long lasting, and durable structure whilst also being visually superb are the key reasons why our decking planters are great for outdoor eateries and restaurants. The decking boards used are made from a joinery grade Scandinavian redwood and pressure treated using a green tanalith pressure treatment. This ensures that the boards have a long life and resistance to rot. Handmade in the heart of the Devon countryside by one of our expert joiners and traditional joinery techniques that have served us well. All planters have been checked by our quality control team to ensure only the highest quality of product is sent and delivered straight to your door. With so many shapes, designs and sizes to choose from, we have ensured that our customers are provided with a wealth of options and ideas that they can implement on their outside spaces. Practical and efficient, our wide range of decking planters are the perfect choice when wanting to add style and taste to those areas. These will enhance the overall design and add a different element to the spaces creating an aesthetically pleasing look as the flowers and plants grow.

 To mention each planter in the entire range would be overwhelming, however we want to provide you with as many details as possible before you go and purchase one of our quality decking planters. To begin with, our large decking planters and deluxe decking planters are some of our bestsellers and looks great when flowers and plants are planted. There is a lot of room to plant within these so be creative and experiment with different plants. Our tall decking planters which come as a standard or premium option add height and a different dimension to your outdoor spaces. Perfect for restaurant’s where you don’t want to take up too much floor space or wanting to use them as barriers, implementing a one-way system for customers. Our 4 tier decking planters coming in sizes of small and large are great options when wanting to split your flowers and plants. These styles of planters come in small segments allowing you to split your seeds and allow them to grow together. They are also a great design and look superb. Then we have our bench and planter combinations where the planters are built into the benches and acting as supporting structures for the bench. We provide a two planter bench, 3 planter corner bench and a 2 planter bench with a backrest.

We have so many more decking restaurant planters that we have not mentioned highlighting the wide selection to choose from. Please make sure to check them out individually for more information regarding these. We have sold 1000s of planters and we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality of products at the best affordable prices – after all, we want everyone to enjoy Ruby planters. With bespoke sizes also available, be sure to get in contact with us and we will gladly assist you. To help you create the perfect planter, make sure to check out the extras needed such as compost, planter liner and seeds. If you have any more questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact our sales team on 01409231763 and they will be happy to help.


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3 Boards High Deluxe timber Decking Planter With Flowers on a patio
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