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Shiplap Cladding

Shop our huge range of premium shiplap cladding. With a massive variety of species, lengths and sizes available we can provide exactly what you need no matter how big or small your project may be.

Shiplap cladding is a traditional style of timber cladding with a smooth finish and an overlapping or interlocking edge detail to create a waterproof façade. What makes shiplap cladding different to other profiles is a wide 'scoop' on the top edge of each board instead of a shadow gap. By creating this scoop effect, eaves, buttresses and other column mouldings can be installed at the top without fear of water ingress as it will sit in the scoop and run back out of the timber rather than sitting on the edge.

Shiplap wood is a great choice for all garden projects. The perfect waterproof long-lasting cladding for outdoor sheds that also provides a great look. 

Shiplap cladding is a weather resistant and durable material used to cover the exterior of houses, sheds, pergolas, garages and other buildings. Shiplap cladding is designed to protect against water penetration while providing an effective wind barrier. The nature of its installation allows some flexibility so that the timber can expand and contract with humidity changes.

Discover everything you need to know about shiplap cladding installation, maintenance and repair. Our guide includes tips on how to install shiplap cladding correctly and common problems faced by homeowners. Read our shiplap cladding guide here

Our range of shiplap species include: 

1. Siberian Larch Shiplap

2. Canadian Cedar Shiplap

3. Home-grown Larch Shiplap

4. Home-grown Cedar Shiplap

5. Pressure Treated Shiplap

Our range of shiplap lengths available include:

1. 1.2m Shiplap

2. 1.8m Shiplap

3. 2.4m Shiplap

4. 3.0m Shiplap

5. 3.6m Shiplap

6. 3.9m Shiplap

7. 4.2m Shiplap

8. 4.8m Shiplap

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Shiplap Treated Redwood 150mm x 15mm end close up
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Shiplap Treated Redwood 119mm x 12mm end
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Shiplap T&G Treated Redwood 121mm x 14.5mm end
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