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Cladding Installation Guide

Buying Cladding

Enhance your building's aesthetic year-round with our modern, contemporary cladding.

This guide has been curated to assist you in choosing the perfect cladding for you, whether you're in pursuit of a sleek and stylish look for a commercial building or require durable materials for protection. Our cladding options are available in various different profiles and materials, featuring designs that simplify installation.

Each piece of cladding is individually machined with precision in Devon, ensuring high quality and attention to detail.

Things to consider

What profile of cladding are you after?

What finish would you like?

What Budget do you have in mind?

Shadow Gap

A great option for enhanced protection, insulation, and a visually appealing finish, Shadow Gap boards are installed with a small, consistent gap between them, creating a distinctive shadow effect.

This shadow line provides an aesthetic feature that adds depth and texture to the surface of the building.


A popular choice for those looking for a refined, contemporary look, our Planed boards are individually machined for a smooth, high-quality finish.

High Budget

Know for it's distinctive golden hue, natural durability and decay-resistant properties, our Home-Grown Cedar cladding is perfect for those wanting a premium finish to their cladding project.

We also stock Canadian Western Red Cedar Cladding, known for its exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal. This variety features minimal knots and high density, ensuring a durable and long-lasting cladding option.

Tongue & Groove

Tongue and Groove cladding involves panels that are cut to have a protruding "tongue" on one edge and a corresponding "groove" on the other. When installed, the tongue of one panel fits snugly into the groove of the adjacent panel. This interlocking system creates a smooth, seamless surface, making it a popular choice for both aesthetic and practical reasons.


Inspired by the Japanese process of ‘Yakisugi’. IRO – which is Japanese for ‘colour’ – is 100% eco-friendly, UV stabled and HVOC-free. Because IRO is heat enhanced and coated in Rubio Monocoat cream, it is more durable and offers a more striking grain appearance than traditional cladding and decking counterparts.

Medium Budget

Larch cladding is celebrated for its appealing grains and vibrant colors, making it a visually stunning wood choice.

It is naturally rich in resin, which enhances its resistance to decay, eliminating the need for pressure treatment or extensive maintenance. Our selection of Larch cladding features two distinct varieties: Siberian Larch and Homegrown British Larch.


Shiplap consists of wooden boards or panels that are designed with a rabbet (notch) on either side of each edge. This design allows the panels to fit together snugly, one on top of the other, creating a tight seal. The overlapping joints formed by the rabbets help to effectively shed water, making shiplap especially suitable for use in areas susceptible to moisture.

Rough Sawn

Our Rough Sawn Cladding is a great option for those on a slightly smaller budget, or for those who would prefer a rustic aesthetic to their cladding project.

Low Budget

Pressure-treated Scandinavian Redwood Cladding is the perfect budget friendly but quality choice.

Our Redwood cladding is thoroughly pressure-treated with TanalithE treatment to help protect the timber against weather-related issues such as shakes or bowing.

Cedar vs. Larch - What's the difference?

We created an in-depth blog detailing the differences between the two softwoods, which you can find here, however in short the main difference between Cedar and Larch is the colour of the two timbers.

Cedar offers a stunning reddish-brown to dark brown colour with beautiful grain patterns, whereas Larch’s has a natural yellow-brown hue and is well known for it's texture, with the shapes and patterns of the growth rings - providing real character to each panel.

Cedar is known to be more lightweight in comparison to Larch, with Larch being a dense but durable wood. Cedar offers thermal properties, meaning that it operates well in both hot and cold climates.

Types of Cladding

Shadow Gap
  • Visual Appeal: The angled cuts create dynamic shadows that give the surface a three-dimensional look, increasing visual interest.
  • Durability: Designed for both interior and exterior use, its sturdy construction withstands environmental elements well.
  • Contemporary Design: Ideal for modern architectural designs, the shadow profile contributes to a clean, avant-garde aesthetic.

Shadow profile boards create a unique visual effect by casting a shadow along the joints when installed, which enhances the geometric appearance of the exterior or interior surfaces.

This profile is especially popular in contemporary architecture for its ability to add depth and dimension to flat surfaces.

Its design is straightforward yet highly effective in creating striking visual patterns that are both modern and sophisticated.

  • Rustic Appeal: Loglap mimics the traditional log cabin style, adding rustic charm to buildings without the need for full logs.
  • Lightweight: Despite its robust appearance, loglap is easier to manipulate and install than actual logs.
  • Insulation: The thickness and overlap of loglap boards contribute to better thermal insulation, enhancing energy efficiency.

Loglap cladding is designed to give the aesthetic appeal of a log cabin, featuring boards that have a curved profile to resemble logs.

This type of cladding is used primarily on exteriors and provides the appearance of solid logs while utilising less material, making it more cost-effective and easier to install.

Loglap offers a charming, traditional look and is often chosen for its robust, natural appearance.

  • Weather Resistance: The overlapping design ensures that water and wind are effectively blocked, making it ideal for harsh weather conditions.
  • Ease of Installation: The interlocking design simplifies alignment and fixing, reducing installation time and complexity.
  • Timeless Aesthetic: Shiplap provides a classic visual appeal that enhances the value and appearance of any home, adapting to many styles.

Shiplap siding consists of wooden boards designed to interlock in a way that forms a tight seal, which is particularly useful for exterior applications. The design features a rabbet or notch cut into the edges of each board, allowing them to overlap and create a distinct aesthetic that is both functional and visually appealing.

This style is popular for achieving a rustic, farmhouse look that is also weather-resistant and durable.

Tongue & Groove
  • Smooth Surface: The interlocking joints hide fasteners, resulting in a clean, visually appealing finish without visible nails or screws.
  • Strong Joints: The tongue and groove connection provides enhanced structural stability and strength across the joined boards.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications like flooring, paneling, and ceilings, adapting easily to different design needs.

Tongue and Groove wood consists of boards that are precisely milled to fit snugly together, featuring a protruding tongue on one edge and a groove on the opposite edge. This fit ensures tight joining and a seamless, stable surface that is highly valued in both flooring and wall paneling.

The interlocking nature of the boards provides superior durability and a refined look, making it an excellent choice for high-quality finishes in homes and commercial spaces.

Planed Square Edge
  • Precise Construction: The uniform and smooth edges facilitate precise cuts and fit, essential for detailed and fine carpentry work.
  • Minimalist Look: The square, smooth edges offer a clean, modern aesthetic that complements a minimalist design style.
  • Sleek Finish: Ideal for projects that demand a polished finish and precise angular corners, enhancing the overall sharpness of the design.

Planed Square Edge timber is precisely machined to produce smooth, square-edged boards that are ideal for a wide range of construction and carpentry tasks.

These boards are extremely versatile due to their uniform dimensions and smooth finish, making them perfect for projects requiring a high level of precision and a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

This type of wood is often used where the integrity and aesthetics of the wood are paramount.

In-House Machining

Things to look for when using Cladding


To fit the cladding, you will need nails or screws. You will need to ensure that the fixings are stainless steel, to avoid any damage to the wood due to rust.

We sell both nails and screws, which are stainless steel.

Corner Trim

For the finishing touch to your cladding project, it may be worth considering also purchasing corner trim.

It also serves several important functions in both residential and commercial construction:

  1. Aesthetic Enhancement: Corner trim provides a clean and finished look where two walls meet. It helps create a visually pleasing transition at the corners of rooms, enhancing the overall interior design by covering up any irregularities or gaps where wall materials join.
  2. Protection: It protects the edges of walls from damage caused by impacts, wear, and tear. This is particularly valuable in high-traffic areas where the risk of scuff marks, dents, and other forms of damage is increased. Corner trim is made from various materials like wood, plastic, or metal, each offering different levels of durability and protection.
  3. Hiding Seams and Imperfections: Installing corner trim can cover up imperfections in the wall’s finishing, such as uneven drywall joints or other inconsistencies that occur during construction. It can mask the minor flaws that are typically visible where two walls meet.
  4. Structural Integrity: In some cases, corner trim can contribute to the structural integrity of the wall by providing additional stability and support, particularly in drywall constructions.
UV Protection

No matter what profile, timber or finish you decide on for your cladding, we always recommend treating your cladding with UV Protection at least every 12 months. This is because continued, unprotected exposure to the elements can cause issues such as shakes and warping - UV Protection will protect your timber against this.

We recommend Osmo Oil, which is available in types Clear, Larch or Cedar!

Cladding Maintenance

  • Clean up: Before installing your cladding, we would recommend clearing out the area. This will include any leaves debris or anything that might cause rot in the long-run. It's better to take your time making sure the area is clean and ready for your new cladding!
  • Apply Oil: Always apply OSMO Oil to your cladding. Once dry apply two coats of this. Aim to apply this every 12 months. This will help keep the natural colour of your cladding. If you're subscribed to our emails we will send you out a reminder each year to keep on top of this!
  • Regular Inspection: It's always worth keeping an eye out on your cladding, if you start to notice any decay or debris build up its best to address the issue as quickly as possible. This way one small issue doesn't end up costing you new lengths!
  • Seasonal Care: As we know the British climate has its dry and (especially) wet months. Depending on the time of year we would advise different forms of care. In wet months you want to be clearing debri and snow from cladding. In early summer / late spring is when it is best to apply your OSMO stain. This is when the sun comes out and without stain the sun will start to change the colour of timber to silvery grey.

We sell a full OSMO Oil Care Kit here.

Installation Advice

We have created an Install Guide on each profile of cladding, which you can find here.

Created with professional advice from experts in the field, these thorough guides are helpful for DIY enthuse and fitters alike.

Our Service

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