Timber Cladding

Architects, designers, builders and business' are choosing timber cladding more and more over the last few years. It is an industry growing rapidly. Whether it's a modern or rustic style cladding you want; there is bound to be a timber cladding suited for you! Here are my top 5 reasons you should be having timber cladding:

1. Heating & Insulation

One of the key aspects of cladding is to keep in heat and keep buildings insulated. Timber has been shown to retain and keep in heat. Especially when it comes to hardwoods like Oak cladding, these have been shown to have naturally huge levels of heat retention and thermal properties. This in turn will reduce heating bills and keep in more heat. 

Oak Cladding

2. Suited to all buildings

A key point for me on having timber cladding is the style of it. No matter what building it is there is a timber cladding to suit it. If you're going for a more modern appearance, I would go for something like a western red cedar cladding board. Massively popular with cladding modern houses at the moment and really does bring a fresh, clean and modern appearance to them.

Western Red Cedar

On the flip side to this you can also have one suited to rustic, older or farmhouse style buildings. Using something like a waney edge board can give it a much rustic and older style look while still being contemporary. Or even go for a premium oak board, hugely popular for rustic style buildings! With the natural properties of Oak it is also one of the longest lasting woods out there. Plus has a unique and beautiful natural grain!

Waney Edge Boards

3. Practical advantages

With timber being a relatively lighter material and coming in individual boards it is relatively easy to install. This makes it much quicker to get your end result compared to other materials. Plus, if any damage does occur in future it also is very easily replaceable, all it takes is purchasing one new board and fixing it back in. As another plus, if you take down the cladding it can be used again, a great plus for reusing and helping the environment! 

Naturally timber is also resistant to weather so will last, especially the hardwoods like oak. A lot of the timber claddings will be softwood however and will be worth seeing if your supplier will treat it to give it longer life and more rot resistant. Most shiplap, loglap, tongue & groovelarch and douglas fir claddings will more than likely come treated (always double check with the supplier). Here at Ruby all our softwoods (excluding cedar which is naturally rot resistant) are treated unless our customer specifically asks us not to.



4. Natural look 

Timber is a natural resource and as we know comes from trees itself. One of the most appealing reasons to have timber is its natural look. It can so easily fit in with surrounding environments. Very often on programmes like Grand Designs you will see the houses with timber cladding, it just fits and blends in perfectly with natural environments. This natural look is also a great way to make buildings look more modern, so many commercial places now use it as a way to draw customers in.  

5. Cost

Timber is one of the cheapest ways to clad an area compared to alternatives. If you're looking for the cheapest option, featheredge is such a good way forward for this, not only cheap but does the job. Even the more expensive woods like red cedar or oak can work out cheaper. Here at Ruby we sell all this for competitive prices, all free delivery and lots of it even next day! 


Overall, I really do think timber is the way forward. It is more cost effective, looks fantastic and just suits the environment better. It also caters to all needs, whether it be rustic or modern buildings. It is all ideally suited to clad sheds, commercial buildings, offices, barns or even your own home!

If you have any questions regarding our timber cladding please get in touch with one of our team on 01409231763.

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