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How To Protect Your Fences From Rotting

How To Protect Your Fences From Rotting

How To Protect Your Fences From Rotting

Hopefully this will give you some great tips on how to treat and manage your fencing effectively so that rotting does not occur.

Fences are extremely exposed to the unforgiving climates of the UK and therefore damage can be caused and changes can take place upon them. Rotting is a very common subject when it comes to fences and if they are not treated right, it can take place quickly especially over the winter months where it is cold and damp.

This has happened to me in the past in my garden and therefore I wanted to share with you how you can prevent this and protect your fences as well as your money. You garden enthusiasts should read carefully to my tips as to how you can prevent rotting from occurring in your fences and what you need to do to protect them which will make them last longer and look much better.

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1. You need to make sure you choose the right materials

Wooden fences from the ground gives an enticing look however it also soaks up moisture from the ground and therefore is prone to rotting because of the amount of moisture seeping into the wood. A good way to stop this would be to use concrete fence posts or wooden fence posts as then the wood is not coming into contact with the floor and hangs about 10 centimetres above it. By using the wooden fence posts it is a cheap way to stop your fences from seeping up water and also goes well with the wooden fencing. Concrete is also an option, it is more expensive but will last longer and more sturdy plus will not rot in long run.

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2. Footings on the floor should be sloped away from the wood

When you are putting in your concrete footings, it is essential that you slope the top of it away from the wood where the water can run off. This means that the water can drain off away from the wood and no water can be absorbed into the wood and potentially cause rotting. In previous times. I have seen footings which have not been sloped away from the wood and when its raining and there has been a large puddle of water under the fence where it can just be soaked up and absorbed by the wood.

3. Fence panels and posts need to be treated correctly

It is important that you treat your fences and posts to help preserve them and protect them from rotting as well as other things which could potentially harm them. When installing a fence, you need to coat the wood with preservative, and then every annual maintenance as it can prevent the wood from taking water by sealing the wood up so there is no room for water to be absorbed. It is also a good idea to make sure the supplier you're buying your fencing  from treats it as well, they will use treatment tanks to ensure it is properly treated. 


4. Clear away left debris on the floor which is near the fence

You need to make sure that you clear away anything like leaves, plants or cut grass from the bottom of the fence as it can build up over time and it can enter the fence where there are little cracks and cuts in the wood. When the material starts to rot in the cracks, it can spread up through the wood and cause a large amount of damage and rotting the the fence. Therefore regular cleans are required to clear up any debris around the bottom of the fence.

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5. Replace rotted areas as they appear  

If a part of your fence does start to rot then you need to replace that area immediately as it can spread to other parts and then more of your fence would have to be replaced therefore spending more money as well. Most of the time it can actually be the fence posts which are the first to rot because they are in the ground and soak up moisture from it so keep an eye on the posts. When a part of your fence is replaced then just give the whole of the fence a good clean and maybe go over it with another coat of wood stain or preservative!

So there are 5 tips as to how to keep your fences clear of rot and what to do when it does occur. Its important we do look after our fences as they can be easily damaged by a lack of care. Combatting rot can be frustrating at times but just use these tips and hopefully they will help you come out on top.

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