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Timber or concrete posts

Timber or concrete posts

Timber or concrete posts

If you’re currently in the process of choosing a fence for your garden you must be faced with a number of decisions when it comes to which stockist, price range, colour and style you’re going to go for. Some decisions will be made according to the type of look you desire or what your budget allows, whereas others will be based on recommendations for longevity and quality. What you might be wondering is whether you should go for concrete or timber fence posts, which is one of the most practical decisions you will need to make.

Feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure what to go for? Let’s take a closer look at their qualities in order to help you make the best choice for your garden…

Concerned about style?

If you’re giving your garden a makeover in order to make it look more attractive and enjoyable to sit in, chances are timber fence posts will be the better option for you. Concrete is very hard looking, grey and utilitarian. Timber is a natural material which is a lot more likely to blend in to the surroundings, and is more pleasing on the eye. It will complement your other existing features beautifully, such as trees, planters and decked areas. Also if like the majority of people, you are going for wooden fence panels, it makes sense to have timber fence posts to keep it uniformed.

A question of price

Of course prices will vary across different stockists, but in general, concrete posts are the more expensive option. A garden makeover can be quite a costly task, so if you’re looking to save the pennies where you can, timber fence posts are generally cheaper.

Installation & longevity

Concrete posts are generally more difficult to install than timber fence posts and it is likely you will need some help. If you know someone handy who is willing to give you a hand then you shouldn’t run into any problems, but this is something you should take into consideration before you make a purchase. With regards to longevity, concrete posts are undoubtedly the option with the longest life, but pressure treated timber posts can last from 15-20 years which is a very long time!


Seeing as timber is a natural product, it will of course require more maintenance than its concrete counterpart. That being said, a little effort once a year is more than worth it to get the desired look you wish for your garden!

We hope this has been helpful and that you have made a decision on what option is best for you. If you have any questions regarding our range of timber fence posts, please give us a call on 01409 231763.

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