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Environmental Benefits Of Timber

Environmental Benefits Of Timber

We find that now more than ever, our customers care about where their materials come from and question what impact they are having on the environment. This is thanks to increased exposure to the negative impact of unsustainable business practices.

Reducing CO2

Did you know that the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is the single biggest cause of global warming and therefore, climate change? And did you know that trees play a vital role in capturing carbon dioxide, locking it away in the wood and storing it for the lifetime of the timber product? Sustainable timber is known as a ‘carbon sink’ which removes CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing the impact of global warming.

It is renewable

When it comes to a renewable construction material, sustainable timber is about as good as you will get. A tree is obviously natural, can be grown to a suitable harvest size in 25 to 80 years and requires minimal human interference, meaning it doesn’t require a lot of energy to change it from a raw product to a useable one.

Aesthetically pleasing

Timber has always been an incredibly popular material thanks to its beautiful, natural look. Whether you’re using it for cladding, fencing or decking, it can help a structure to blend in with the landscape and adds a warm feel.

Durable and easily maintained

Another fantastic quality of sustainable timber is that it is incredibly durable. Buildings you will still see today which date back 100’s of years were built using timber, and are still standing strong! All our boards are pressure treated to standard which ensues a long lasting and good quality product. We also advise all of our customers on how to maintain their timber products, through the use of waterproof sealants.

We offer a variety of wooden timber boards including shiplap, loglap, featheredge, 6" x 1", all of which are manufactured from sustainable timber. You will be pleased to know that we work closely with our suppliers to provide the quality, consistency, and sustainability that you demand. But what benefits are there to buying sustainable timber? Keep reading to find out…

Please feel free to give us a call on 01409 231763 and one of our experts will be happy to help with any advice or guidance regarding our sustainable timber, so you can understand what is best for your project.

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