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Halloween Scene

5 Spectacular Spooky Ideas For Your Outdoor Space Halloween 2022

5 Spectacular Spooky Ideas For Your Outdoor Space Halloween 2022

Witches in the night sky, bloodcurdling screams and werewolves illuminated by the Full Moon.  Yes, it’s that time of year again where the spotlight is very much on unexplained happenings and things that go bump In the night!

‘Always a big event in the United States, celebrating Halloween really has taken off here in the UK over the past few years. We now seem to decorate our homes and outside spaces to celebrate Halloween as much as our counterparts over the pond.  Devilish decorations and ghoulish garlands are now becoming the norm.  Here we give you 5 great Ideas that can help get your home halloween ready without too much cost or effort and don’t rely on plastic throw-away decorations.

  1. Ghoulish Graveyard

Transform your front garden into a Ghoulish Graveyard with ease.  If you have any full bags of chippings then draw on Black Ink faces and leave standing up at various locations in the garden.  Use offcuts of timber to make simple crosses and insert into the ground.  Gravestones can be made from Cardboard with timber blocks to hold them up.  There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube showing you how to make these.  

  1. Planter of Death  

An easy yet very effective Halloween display for your garden is to turn one of your long planters into a coffin.  All you need to do is take a planter full of soil and make a paper mache head or buy a mask for the head.  Position this at one end of the planter, stuck out of the soil.  Then take a pair of Boots and position them at the other end half tucked under the soil with just the toe bits sticking out.  Left by the front door, it’s a great way to get your visitors screaming in shock!

  1. House of Horror 

An easy and cheap decoration is to make a Sign to go by your front Door.  Gather any old timber that you might have lying around - the more rustic the better.  Nail pieces together and use a thicker piece like a 2”x1” to stake into the ground.  Paint or Chalk on any Sign of your Choice. Below are a couple of ideas - the image on the left is a sign which has been made with picket pales; another easy way of making your sinister sign.


House Sign

  1. Eerie Gallow Bracket with Noose

What could be more spine tingling than seeing a Gallow Bracket with a rope and noose hanging from it?  Easy and simple to do - Ruby sell the Gallow Brackets so all you need to do is get some old rope and make a noose tied to the Bracket.  You can make a freestanding frame to attach the Gallow Bracket out of some 2x2 timber posts and timber.  A noose blowing in the wind from a set of Gallows in your front garden,  now that really will get your neighbours talking!


  1. Creepy Path of Shadows & Shade

Create a mystical path to your front door.  Lighting can really provide an atmospheric setting, casting shadows in the murky depths of night.  Use tealights in Pumpkins, Candles or other outside lighting like Ruby’s Ellumiere Spotlights.  These can be positioned to highlight anything from hanging spiders from trees to witches and ghastly ghouls to give visitors a real fright.  Adding some cobwebs in your outdoor foliage can really add to the eerie feel too.  

  Haunted House

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