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Larch Cladded Summerhouse

Siberian Larch or Home-Grown Larch - which is the right timber for your garden?

Siberian Larch or Home-Grown Larch - which is the right timber for your garden?

Here at Ruby, we stock both Home-Grown Larch and Siberian Larch, but what is the difference and which finish is the best one for your home or garden?

Larch is a softwood but it is one of the hardest softwoods available. Siberian Larch tends to have a more yellow/brown colour and will weather gradually to a silver/grey colour if you leave it untreated. The larch species is also known for its texture from the shapes and patterns of growth rings, this can provide character and a unique design to each panel.

Siberian Larch is also sometimes believed to be the more durable of the two due to the cold forest conditions the tree grows in, so it may adapt easier to colder winter months. It is a high-density wood that is not typically vulnerable to your typical wear and tear, so this is suitable if you're using larch cladding on an exterior project. That being said though, both styles are resistant to rot and infestations, meaning both are extremely durable and long-lasting. 

According to data, you can expect larch wood to have a minimum of a fifteen-year lifespan, but other research has indicated that larch can last for around thirty years. To increase the lifespan of all timber products we always recommend using a protection oil to prevent the effects of weathering.

British Larch is traditionally more orange toned so you should consider this when weighing up the options between the two. If you're environmentally conscious as well, Home-Grown Larch may be the better option for you, because Siberian Larch is imported it has covered many more miles. At Ruby, we typically source a Home-Grown Larch down the road from our warehouse in Devon, so it is a considerably more sustainable wood. 

You could also consider staining Larch if you're debating between Cedar or Larch timber. Larch is a lot more affordable than Cedar and by choosing a high-quality stain, you can achieve the exact look you're after for a fraction of the price!

We have a wide range of Siberian Larch Cladding available in a range of profiles, as well as timber posts. We also supply planters, fencing and gates in a Home-Grown Larch finish, but our Larch cladding is our most popular product at the moment! 

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