Featheredge Fencing Boards - Various Sizes

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Individual boards are 150mm wide and are cut on a taper from 22mm thick planks; thus the tapered cross section of each board varies from about 15mm down to 7mm. Basically meaning the thick side of the panel will be about 15mm, and the thin edge will be about 7mm.

Easy to erect & maintain, it is also well able to cope with site conditions requiring a fence of variable height or line.

Aligned vertically onto horizontal rails, the feather edge boards are nailed such that adjacent boards overlap, forming an extremely strong and wind-proof fence with maximum privacy. Gravel boards are often built into feather-edge fencing to provide a degree of protection against damage from strimmers, lawn-mowers etc, (we can supply these, phone us to discuss your needs if you like)
Runs of fence capping can be fitted to finish off the top neatly and to prevent water seeping into the top sawn edges.

Most feather-edge fencing is constructed with a single run of boards on one side. However, to provide additional strength and achieve the same view of the fence from both sides, it is possible to fit the boards to each side of the fence, a so-called "double-run".

We also provide nails that are perfect for erecting your feather edge
Galvanised Wire Nails

If you require any bespoke sizes, need any help with workings out or a quantity of boards not listed, please give us a call on 01409 231763! Our team are always more than happy to help. 

  • 150mm Wide
  • Tapered down from 22mm
  • 1.2m, 1.65m, 1.8m or 2.4m Lengths
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