Ruby UK provides a number of timber field and entrance wooden gates. This guide will focus on the best way to fit a Diamond Braced Gate or the Planed 5 Bar Gate, two of the most common choices. 

Firstly you need to decide whether you would like a single gate entrance or a pair of gates. If you are having a pair of wooden gates, you can either have them the same size, or you can choose to have one of the gates smaller than the other to provide a pedestrian entrance. 

Next, you can choose whether to hinge your gate from the back of the posts, or in between the gate posts. Take a look at the set up's below and see what suits you.


A) Single gate hung in between the gate posts. 

Single Timber Gate Set Up Guide

To hang a single wooden gate between two gate posts, measure the distance between the posts and minus 125mm (approximately 5 inches). This will leave you enough room for an adjustable hinge set and a latch. By using this method your gate can swing inwards and outwards.

B) Single gate hung on the back of the gate posts. 

Gate Set Up Back of Posts How to guide

To hang a single gate on the rear of two gate posts, measure the distance between the two posts and add an extra 75mm. This method allows the gate to swing open one way only. 

C) Pair of gates hung in between the gate posts. 

Double Gates Set Up How To Guide

To hang a pair of gates in between the gate posts, measure the space between the two posts and minus 225mm to allow space for the two hinge sets and latch in the middle. Then divide the remaining measurement by two to give you the size each gate needs to be. This method allows both gates to swing either way. 

D) Pair of gates hung on the back of the gate posts. 

Double Gate Set Up Rear Of Posts How To Guide

To hang a pair of wooden gates on the rear of the posts, measure the space between the 2 posts and add an extra 50mm. This will ensure your gates overlap the posts enough and leave room in the middle for a latch. You can then divide the measurement by two to give you the size each gate needs to be. This method allows each gate to swing one way. 


Gate Posts

8ft Timber Gate Post Weathered Top

For our 5 bar wooden gates we recommend 2.4m gate posts, allowing approximately 900mm in the ground. For gate width's 8ft or less a 150mm x 150mm gate post will be sufficient. For gates wider than 8ft, a 175mm x 175mm wooden gate post will be more suitable. 

Note: Never shorten a post and place the cut end in the ground. It will destroy the integrity of the treatment and cause the post to fail very quickly. 


Hinges and Gate Fittings

Gate Hinges Ironwork Gate Latch Drop Bolt

For all of our wooden field or entrance gates we recommend the 24" Adjustable Hinge Set. This provides everything you need to hang a single gate. 

The most common choice of latch is the Self Locking Gate Latch. This provides a simple way of latching a single gate to the post. 

The most common choice of latch for use with a pair of gates is the Double Gate Latch Set. This comes with a throwover loop that sits over the two gates and a drop bolt that goes into the ground to hold them in place. 

Other latches are available. Please note the space needed between the posts may vary depending on the latch you use.


Thank you for reading our guide to fitting your 5 bar wooden gates. Please take a moment to view our full range of wooden gates.  If you need any more help, or if you would like a quote for any of our wooden gates please contact us by one of the below methods:

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