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Pressure Treated Garden Gates

The final category within our Pressure Treated Gate collection, garden gates and a wide range of them too. We have many designs and styles available for you to chose from adding character and personality to your garden. You may wish to block a particular area off in your garden to stop those grandchildren playing in your vegetable patch or pond but still have access when necessary. Our Ruby UK range of garden gates have been handcrafted with care, and attention to detail ensuring the standard meets our quality control team before dispatching straight to your door. Many of our garden gates can be matched with fence panels to keep a consistent design in your garden, creating a safe and exclusive space for you and your family to enjoy. Take a look at our range of fencing and garden panels here!


In terms of our own range of Ruby garden gates which includes the 3ft and 4ft picket gates and Cottage garden gate, we have made sure that they are built to last, dependable and ready to make an impression. The picket pales used to make the picket gates are a joinery grade Scandinavian redwood and have been treated using a green tanalith pressure treatment to ensure excellent weathering qualities of the wood with long term protection against rot and insect attack. The Cottage garden gates have been made from tongue and groove boards which have been treated using the Lonza pressure treatment and are a joinery grade Scandinavian Redwood. The bracing used for the Cottage gate is also joinery grade Scandinavian redwood and a 4” x 2” size ensuring the gate is strong and sturdy. Our other garden gates have been made using a softwood and have gone through a tanalised pressure treatment process.


When coming to install your gate, there are certain things that you will need to help with the process. At Ruby, we have all the fixings, catches and hangings needed so make sure to check them out. For all garden gates, except for our Cottage garden gate, we strongly recommend using the Pedestrian gate kit which includes a pair of 14” Tee hinges and an automatic gate catch with all the fixings required. Because of the weight and slightly bigger size of the Cottage gate, we highly recommend using the Side gate kit which includes a pair of 18” Tee hinges, 1 straight ring latch and 1 Brenton pad bolt as well as all the fixings needed. It may be necessary for you to have posts in which your gate will hang from and we have just the one. The 4” x 4” planed treated posts are really contemporary and stylish, bringing your outside space and design together.


We hope you have found this useful and has given you a better insight as to just what types of garden gates we have available, the long-lasting nature of them, and how they will be of great benefit to any garden. Be sure to check them out and everything else you need to install your garden gate.


If you have any more questions or queries, do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01409231763 and they will be happy to help.

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3 foot by 3 foot Treated Wooden timber Picket Garden Gate
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