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When is the best time to install timber cladding?

When is the best time to install timber cladding?

When is the best time to install timber cladding?

Whether you are fitting timber cladding yourself, or have decided to call in the experts, consider the weather before you start your project; some months are better than others when it comes to cladding exterior walls with with timber.

While you can install timber cladding at any time of the year, as a natural material, it can easily be affected by the elements, especially heat. We would therefore recommend fitting your cladding boards when the temperatures are lower to prevent the timber from shrinking, warping and curling as it dries out, which will cause movement and distortion. Between October and April is the optimum period for fitting your timber cladding – and definitely avoid installing it just before or during a heatwave. 

The warmer Summer months are therefore a great time to start planning your cladding project, researching into timber suppliers, selecting the best timber species for your project, and calculating how much cladding you are going to need. If you’re unsure about anything, have a chat with your timber supplier who will be able to advise you. 

Above all, your timber cladding must be installed correctly to ensure its longevity. So make sure you are confident if fitting it yourself – and, if in any doubt, call in a professional. 

After installation, don’t forget to keep up the maintenance of your cladding by adding a water- and UV- resistant protective coating at least once a year as soon as your boards start to weather.

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