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Decking Planter

Raise your garden game with wooden planters

Raise your garden game with wooden planters

Are you ready to transform your garden? Bring a contemporary, rustic and modern look in such a simplistic yet hassle-free way. Have a read on how you can do this with our handmade decking planter range.

Filling empty corners

From my experience, there is nothing worse than having a corner of your garden that is bare. With this, I would recommend the corner bench combo planter. This can also be painted to match the decor of your garden. The benches also give you a place to sit down, socialise or even just read a book in peace. Here is an image of one in use. 


Bench Planter


Carrying on with the corner planter theme we also do a 4 tier planter. This is a very fun, quirky planter. It's also relatively small and light, so easy to move around as well. With this planter, it is again, ideal for filling empty corners and brings life to spaces that otherwise would be empty. Try these as a pair and have one reversed, giving a symmetrical, aesthetic look in opposite corners of the garden.


Tiered Planter


Simplistic yet stylish

There are so many designs and variations of the planters that we are bound to have the perfect one for your garden. One of our most popular planters out there is the standard decking planter. Although simplistic, when planted right this can look very modern and add a touch of class to your garden. Just have a look below! Also, a very practical way to grow plants.


Decking Planter


Bring life to your garden walls 

Empty looking walls can sometimes make a garden look dull and boring. Having a wall planter put up will bring style, colour and appeal to your wall. Awaken your garden using bright and colourful plants. Using the wall trellis allows you to layer and structure the plants easily.

Tiered Planters


Decking areas

With so many people having decking areas in their gardens and growing so much in popularity, this space is very important. Decking, without decoration, can look very dull at times. I do think its very important to have a few plants in this space to just bring a bit of energy to the area. Using one of our decking planters in the space and planting well will do this. Plus, in my opinion, these look really contemporary and stylish. Have a look below at one of our customer's decking area!

If you're looking at adding decking to your garden, We sell the decking boards and decking kits to get you started.

Bespoke Decking Planter



All our planters are available in a bespoke size as well. This allows you to have the perfect size planter to fit any space you want. Just give us a call on 01409 231763 and we can have your planter handmade specifically to your size required.

So there we have it just some reasons I think you can up your gardening game with the use of decking planters. These wooden garden planters are really on the rise in popularity at the moment and will improve your garden look! 

Here at Ruby we sell all planters with free next day delivery! Check out our huge range of handmade decking planters for some more ideas.

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