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How to maintain timber decking planters

How to maintain timber decking planters

We have such a wide range of planters to choose from here at Ruby ensuring that we meet all customers wants and needs. Planters can really enhance the overall design of your garden and create an aesthetically pleasing look as flowers and plants grow. They are Handmade in the heart of the Devon Countryside using traditional joinery techniques that have served us well. Our planters are made from our joinery grade Scandinavian redwood decking which have been pressure treated. All planters are checked by our quality control team before being dispatched out to you, ensuring that the standard meets ours and most importantly, yours! Planters are a versatile option because of the shapes and styles that they are available in and the number of different plants and flowers that can grow. We therefore need to take care of them to keep the natural colours and grains and help with the long-lasting, durable characteristics of the planters. This blog will give you some well needed tips and pointers that you can use to help with the upkeeping of your planters and to ensure they are in it for the long run!


When exposed to harsh UV rays from the sun, the decking from the planters will overtime change colour to a silvery grey taking away the beauty of your design and instead, creating a dull, dreary effect. To stop this from happening, we highly recommend Osmo UV Protection Oil to help protect the boards from the sun and keeping those natural, organic colours and grains in the wood. The oil has pigments in it which optimally match the colours of the wood, as well as regulating moisture levels to stop swelling or shrinkage occurring in the decking boards. It is a dirt and water-resistant natural oil-based preservative that doesn’t crack, flake, peel or blister ensuring wood is kept in superb condition throughout its lifespan. It is recommended that you apply this oil every 12 weeks to keep optimal protection.


Our joinery grade Scandinavian Redwood decking is a softwood and can therefore develop cracks over time also known as ‘shakes’. These ‘shakes’ can be prevalent with regular temperature changes and constant weather conditions but is a natural process and will not affect the performance. Cleaning your planters is necessary to maintaining a quality structure and increasing the appearance of your planters. Make sure to check them every 3 months or sooner if required and give them a wash. This can be done with warm soapy water and a small brush or sponge. If the planter is painted, just wash over the coat of paint and apply a new coat once dry. The better you clean and prepare your planters for the months ahead, the longer they will need before another maintenance. Ensure there is even air circulation around the boards to help with on-going drying.



Our planters are very suitable with paints or stains, which can enhance or change the Look of your planters. If wanting to do this, however, please do check all surfaces for any sap or resin which may be situated on the outer boards. These contents will affect the even coat and spread of the paint or stain. To get rid of the sap and resin, a stain blocking primer and knotting agent will help clear it and minimise it occurring again. Because our decking boards are pressure treated, there may be some green marking visible on the surface of the planters as the salt is leaving the timber. Please don’t panic regarding this as it is completely natural and will disappear over time.


Hopefully this has given you some valuable maintenance tips and you can use them the next time you go out to the garden and decide it’s time for a freshen up. Planters are a great way of adding character and design to your outside homes and so it’s really important to keep them in great condition throughout their lifetime. Make sure to check out any related products which you may be interested in and will give you your next gardening project. If you have any more questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01409 231763 and they will be happy to help.



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