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Get Your Garden Summer Ready - Decking

Get Your Garden Summer Ready - Decking

Get your Garden Summer-Ready with New Decking!

Garden Decking

While some landscaping trends change as often as the seasons- it's undeniable that warmer weather means more outside time. Those lucky enough to have their own slice of outdoor space look forward to these months; they enjoy the privilege of sitting outside and hosting open-air dinners with family and friends, growing beautiful flowers and veggies, or just enjoying the stars on an open-air deck. 

Customising your outdoor space to match your lifestyle comes naturally, and we all have different interests and ways of relaxing. Here are some inspiration ideas to get your garden summer-ready with new decking!

 Working with Your Landscape

Decking Over Water Feature
Some prefer a long walk-off deck the length of their home that’s the same height all around. Others take advantage of living on a hillside and incorporate their garden decking into the natural landscape, extending their outdoor leisure zone to increase the views of their surrounding area. 

Perhaps you have a stream or pond nearby and are looking for a non-soggy way to relax on the waterside. Maybe you have a large, beautiful shade tree, and you want to incorporate it into your timber decking design. Whatever your unique feature is, there’s a decking solution to accent it. 

Improving access or flow

Improved Access Decking

Do you find that the landings in and out of your home are too small, causing traffic jams and frustration? If you’re still working with the basic builder’s entry porch, consider upgrading! Add some extra space to enjoy the outdoors with a small porch garden and tea table, or a couch for reading and watching the world go by.

If your porch wiggles when you push on it or gives when you step on it- you should also be considering an update for safety’s sake. Nobody wants to see their child, pet, or parent fall through a rotted deck board.


Private Exterior Decking

If your garden closely borders your neighbours or if there’s minimal foliage around your home, consider adding privacy fencing to your outside space. It doesn’t have to be utilitarian or unattractive- there is a range of fence and fence post styles from contemporary slatted fencing, to traditional, to those that incorporate greenery and vines to soften the edges. 

Additionally, building a raised deck can minimise disturbances from pests such as mosquitos or ants that like to live in moist earth. 

Hot Tub Decking

Hot Tub Decking

No matter the size of your yard, the ever-growing hot tub market offers a tub for you. However- nothing is worse than exiting a relaxing, warm tub and sticking your feet right into the mud! Supporting your hot tub with decking is arguably essential- and the design options are endless.

While many folks love to have their hot tub right outside their back door for those chilly winter months, some choose to place their hot tub near a fence with decking that surrounds and is level with the sides of the tub. This is great for socialising, and introduces the option to build additional tiers or steps for lounging and entertaining. Just google it- there are so many ways to customise this outdoor oasis with strategic decking!

Others prefer a simpler approach and opt for a strong but minimalist platform just off the ground to support the weight of the tub and offer adequate drainage. Whatever your style, we can help you achieve your design goals.

Different Kinds of Decking Materials

At Ruby Group, we offer all the materials you need to create your outdoor paradise. Below, we break down three of our major decking materials and their benefits.

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure Treated Decking

Pressure Treated Timber Decking is an attractive option because it offers cost savings over other types of materials at the time of construction. 

Depending on your environment and the quality and maintenance of the material, a basic pine pressure-treated deck can last 15-20 years before it needs to be replaced. 

Multiple companies offer a wide variety of paints and stains to customise the look of the decking, and we also offer many options for fence posts and railings to suit your personal style.


Composite Decking

Composite decking material is more costly than wood but far outlasts wood over its lifespan. Several manufacturers make it from recycled materials, so it can sometimes be more environmentally friendly than cutting down trees for decking. 

There are a variety of colour options available with composite decking, and it ends to hold up better in weather fluctuations over time than wood, as it doesn’t expand or contract the way wood does. 

While more expensive up front, composite decking does not require as much long-term maintenance (such as resealing or board replacement) that wood decks do. 

However, if your goal is a natural look and feel, it might not be the choice for you.


From the IRO timber website: 

“Each and every piece of IRO architectural decking is created by combining the ancient Japanese process of Yakisugi with the latest timber technology. The result is beautiful and uniquely coloured decking timber that will add charm and character to a range of outdoor spaces.

In addition to being a low-maintenance but long-lasting alternative to traditional decking, IRO architectural timber is UV stable and 100% HVOC-free, meaning the product is both child-friendly and pet-friendly. Vibrant colours such as lagoon blue and sunset orange allow the creation of bolder aesthetics too.

IRO decking is manufactured using a seven-step process that includes two stages of kiln drying as well as heat enhancement, making the product more resilient to rot and insect attack. High-pressure treatment and the application of a protective wood cream ensure that IRO decking is a vibrant product with a longer-lasting, water-repellent surface.”     

Whatever you choose, or even if you’re still undecided, our team is here to help you make the right decision for your budget and your design goals. Feel free to review the many products that we offer and reach out to us with any questions!

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