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10 Wonderful Ways with Wood in the Garden to Suit All Budgets

10 Wonderful Ways with Wood in the Garden to Suit All Budgets

Wood allows you to create such a variety of structures and features for your garden, helping to transform it into an interesting an appealing landscape. We've got you covered at Ruby as we highlight 10 things that you can do with your garden with the helping hand of wood.

1. Playtime! Let your kids reach new heights with a fab wooden garden swing made from Jump Poles or build them their very own Den or Treehouse using a range of Sawn Timber and Cladding. If this seems a little complicated, use Decking Boards to make a Sandpit or utilise a Raised Bed as one. These are easy and inexpensive ideas which are sure to keep the little ones happy for hours.

2. Creating a Tranquil Oasis: Normal Decking is great for outdoor entertaining but why not build a Sunken Deck to provide an extra special secluded eating or relaxing area. Use Timber or Composite Decking depending on requirement and budget. You can make seating with Sapele or Oak bench slats or using Planed Timber around the deck. Screening with Cedar or Larch slatted panels and using plants can also ensure total privacy. Why not add a Chiminea or Fire Pit as a central feature too!

Raised Timber Decking

3. Bring The Party to the Garden: Channel your inner mixologist by building or buying a pre-made Outdoor Bar! Whether you have a large garden or a compact outdoor space, a variety of sized Bars are available to purchase locally or online.  If you don’t have the budget for a pre-made or kit form Bar, think about designing your own Bar: Use Sawn Timber and Cladding including Loglap, Shiplap and T&G to build to your own specification. Another even cheaper option would be to use old pallet wood to create a sustainable and fun central point which your family and friends can congregate around!


Wooden Bar

4. Practical Storage Solutions - whether you need to hide the bins or keep your bikes securely stored, timber can be used to provide storage solutions of all sizes and to suit all budgets. Obviously the most popular garden storage solution is a Shed but there are other options available. If space is at a premium then you can build smaller bike, bin and gardening equipment stores from a range of Sawn Timber and Cladding. Treated Redwood Loglap, TGV or Shiplap all offer great inexpensive cladding solutions.

Bike Shed














5. Gather Round! A wooden Picnic Table is a great addition to your garden for providing a quick and easy alfresco eating solution. There are plenty of other options too. Build your own table and benches from a range of Planed Timber and Fixings. Even Pallet wood can be used if you are on a budget. Forget the expensive Rattan Furniture, Pallet wood can provide a great solution for L Shaped Bench Seating. Involve the whole family in Staining or Painting the timber too to make a real design statement. Let your imagination run riot and create your own unique space!

Pallet Wood Furniture










6. Create your own special place with a functional and stylish Pergola. Used in many Chelsea Garden Flower displays last year, Pergolas are becoming an increasingly popular feature for your garden. They provide a focal point and can be a versatile solution to extend your home’s living space. Choose from a variety of kit form Pergolas available online, delivered to your door. With a Roof Covering provided by Sails, Shingle or Featheredge roofs they can be ideal for entertaining areas and covering Hot Tubs. Alternatively, used simply as a walkway with Clematis, Roses and other climbing plants growing up them, you can create a Tunnel of Colour and Perfume in the Spring and Summer months. Bought in Kit Form, they can vary in price depending on specification and size. You could also consider making your own with treated redwood timber or Cedar and Larch.

Wooden Seat Swing

7. Fencing and Screening. Replacing old and rotten fencing with ready made Fence Panels is a quick and easy way to smarten up your garden. For a traditional look, choose Feather Edge or Picket Pale Fencing. For a more contemporary solution, Cedar or Larch Slatted panels are an increasingly popular choice. Curved trellis top panels also ensure a stylish eye catching solution. Don’t forget your Post Caps for the Fence Posts to ensure a completely finished look! For a simple screening solution with a more rustic feel, Hazel Hurdles are perfect! But if you want to save money, a great idea is to make your own fencing from featheredge boards or picket pales. This can also be a great solution for awkward runs and areas.

External Slatted Fence Panel

8. Support Sustainability and Wildlife in Your Garden by buying or making Hedgehog, Bug, Bat and Bird Houses or Bird Tables. These are simple and inexpensive ways to encourage wildlife to live in your garden, even in Urban areas. A great idea is to get the kids involved in designing and making these. Use up any waste timber you might have lying around to ensure their sustainability. A Composter made from old pallet timber is another simple, cost effective way of helping our environment too. These are small but important ways that everyone can contribute towards providing a haven for wildlife and looking after our natural world!


9. Planters Galore!  One of the easiest and quickest ways to smarten up your garden and add a splash of colour is by adding some Wooden Planters.  Buy pre-assembled and choose from a variety of size and designs.  They are available in a range of timber to suit your budget and requirements -  Larch, Cedar, Loglap to name but a few. If you’ve just finished decking your garden why not make some matching planters from your offcut Decking boards. Upcycling an old wooden crate is another easy and inexpensive idea.  Painting your planters can hide any old miscoloured timber you use and can be a great way of adding to your garden colour theme.

Decking Planter

10. Edgy Borders.  Use Railway Sleepers vertically at different heights to create an unusual feature boarder.  Want a more conservative look?  Then Railway Sleepers cut to the same height can provide a more uniform solution.   If you are after a cheaper option why not use simple 6x1 rough sawn timber boards?  Or cut to length half round rails and place vertically to provide another cost effective yet effective option.  Making a low slatted fence might be your thing and creates a contemporary border or use off-cut picket pales cut size to ensure waste timber is utilised purposefully.

Oak Railway Sleepers
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