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Shadow Gap - British Larch- 95mm x 19mm

Type: Cladding
Weight: 3.0kg
Board Run
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Delivered within 10-15 Working Days* more info
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Sample Free Sample Available Here
Width 95mm or 145mm available here
Thickness 19mm
Length 1.8m (6ft), 2.4m (8ft) , 3.0m (10ft), 3.6m (12ft) 4.8m (16ft)
Face Coverage 78mm
Overlap 10mm
Timber Type Native Home-Grown Larch / Douglas Fir
Surface Finish Smooth Planed
Timber Treatment Untreated, Naturally Durable Timber
Maintenance & Installation Click here for advice
Buying Guide Click here for Cladding Buying Guide

Introducing our fantastic British Larch shadow gap boards, revolutionising your outdoor spaces with a modern touch. Perfect for shed cladding, garden offices, and house exteriors, these panels combine timeless style with smart design benefits.

Sourced sustainably from British forests, our Larch boards are both durable and naturally beautiful. Their unique shadow gap profile adds depth and visual interest while improving airflow and moisture control behind the cladding. This feature not only enhances looks but also ensures the structure lasts by reducing moisture buildup.

With warm tones and striking grain patterns, our Larch timber brings a captivating look to any area. Easy installation ensures they fit seamlessly for various cladding needs, and their weather-resistant nature means they'll last with minimal maintenance.

Whether you prefer a cozy, rustic feel or a sleek, modern look, our Larch shadow gap panels effortlessly suit different design tastes. They flawlessly blend classic charm with contemporary style, making them an ideal pick for your exterior projects.

Revitalize your outdoor spaces with our premium British Larch shadow gap panels. Embrace the beauty and functionality of Larch while enhancing the aesthetics and durability of your home or garden exteriors.

Delivered within 10-15 Working Days* more info
Contact us for express delivery 01409 231763

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what we get asked most often.

What is Shadow Gap cladding?

Shadow gap cladding, as the name implies, features a design where panels or slats are installed with intentional gaps, typically at least 10mm wide, creating pronounced dark shadows that contrast sharply with the cladding's profile. This type of cladding utilises the interplay of light and shadow to enhance architectural features, giving the facade or interior walls a modern and dynamic appearance.

What is the face coverage on our Larch Shadow Gap 145mm x 19mm?

The face coverage is 78mm!

How long does Larch last?

If maintained properly, your Larch cladding can last 15-30 years!

How do I Install Shadow Gap cladding?

Our Shadow Gap cladding is very easy to install! We have created specialised Install Guides for each profile of cladding, which you can find here.

Can your Shadow Gap cladding be used internally and externally?

Whilst you could use our Shadow Gap cladding internally, we would recommend only using this cladding externally.

Is shipping free?

Delivery is free on all orders over £100! We offer this service to all our UK mainland customers

If you are located outside mainland UK, please contact us for a quote!

How long will it take to get my order?

A large majority of our products are on a 3-7 workings days!

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What shipping couriers do you use?

We use our own fleet of delivery drivers to ensure the best service!

Our drivers are more than happy to leave your goods in a safe place!

Your order will be fully trackable, with a 1 hour time slot provided! Our tracking app will allow you to see the progress of the driver throughout the day.

Can I return my product?

As long as your order isn't bespoke, you can return your order, subject to a restocking fee

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