Pair Of Adjustable Bands and Hooks


Size: 30"

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  • Here we have heavy-duty adjustable gate hinges. Made from steel in a galvanised finish.
  • These robust hinges provide full adjustability, allowing the installer to both align gates during the fitting and also adjustment after fitting to compensate for gate drop over time.  Easy both to fit and adjust.  Available in a galvanised finish.
  • Heavy-duty hinges ideal for use on high-use/heavy gates and external doors.  Particularly suited to requirements for adjustment over time, eg. to compensate for gate drop in heavy gates.
  • Available in sizes 14, 18, 24, 30 and 36 inch
1 pair includes: 
  • 2 x adjustable bands, 2 x adjustable gate eyes and 2 x hooks on plates.
  • Perfect for a large field gate or driveway gate.
  • All fixings included

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