IRO Charcoal Decking 145mm x 28mm





IRO timber is a new and exclusive range of timber cladding and decking products that have been developed. Inspired by the Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban, IRO – which is Japanese for ‘colour’ – is 100% eco-friendly, UV stabled and HVOC-free. Because IRO is heat enhanced and coated in Rubio Monocoat cream, it is more durable and offers a more striking grain appearance that its traditional cladding and decking counterparts.

Manufactured in Britain using our finely tuned seven-step process, IRO architectural decking is a unique range that’s designed to enhance all outdoor and garden spaces – and IRO’s water repellent, self-cleaning surface ensures that any dirt and dust is simply washed away.

Inspired by Yakisugi, the age-old method of enhancing timber with heat, IRO external cladding can make any outdoor space either more modern or more traditional depending on the way it’s used. What’s more is that a wide and exclusive palette means that this coloured cladding always lends itself to the latest trends.

IRO decking is high quality yet affordable. Coated in wood cream to enhance the product’s charred profile, IRO decking boasts a smooth, glossy and colourful finish that adds beauty and charm to any outdoor space. The coloured wood cream also adds water-repellent properties, meaning that liquids will pearl off the product and help to maintain it. 100% ecological - UV stable - 0% hazardous substances (HVOC free) - Manufactured in Britain - Pet-friendly - Self-cleaning water repellent surface/

Width (MM) - 145mm (Finished Size)

Thickness (MM) - 28mm (Finished Size)

Length (M) - 3.6m (12ft Approx.), 4.8m (16ft Approx.) 

Face Coverage - 145mm 

Timber Type - IRO

Timber Care - Heat enhanced and coated in Rubio Monocoat Cream

Timber Life - 3 Year Colour stability. 15 year desired life for protection against rot and fungal decay

Maintenance & installation - Click here for advice.

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