Fencemate Durapost Gravel Boards





How long your fence posts will last is an important factor to consider when installing a fence. The cost to repair or replace a rotten wooden or cracked concrete fence post over the lifetime of your fence will result in higher costs overall that investing in a durable product from the start.

Dimensions - 1830 mm long x 157 mm high

With DuraPost you have peace of mind that it will last with a guarantee of up to 25 years on the powder-coated option whereas it is well known that timber posts will often rot through in just a few years in damp conditions and concrete posts will chip, crack and even snap as they are corroded by the elements.

  • Lightweight - Weighing in at 3.4kg compared to up to 30kg for the concrete equivalent. 
  • Durable - Will not rot, warp or crack like wood or concrete 
  • Available in three colours - High UV stability to preserve the colour 
  • Space-saving - Can be stacked when being transported or stored

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