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To help light up your decking areas and outside spaces, we have Ellumiere small Stainless Steel Spotlights to help create the perfect lighting scenario. A quick and easy setup where the spotlights can be moved around and adjusted. The warm white lighting helps to create a modern and contemporary feel whilst increasing the overall appeal of the decking areas. These spotlights are sold separately, however a maximum of 12 spotlights can be attached on the same circuit creating a true lighting experience. The lights are freestanding and portable allowing you to adjust and experiment with them or to move the complete circuit somewhere else. 

As part of the 'CONNEXT' system, this cable will attach itself to any of the other related products within the same system. The perfect kit to lighting up your pathways, gardens and decking. To help create the perfect fully functioning lighting system, follow these simple steps:

 1. Choose your lights (Max qty. 12)

Choose from small spotlights or larger spotlights with both creating lovely designs when lighting up flowers, plants and bushes. Then our deck lights create the perfect feature, running along the decking edges brightening up your design and outdoor spaces. The final option is Bollard lights which are perfect for pathways and driveways.

2. Choose your selector and cables (T-piece with every light except the last one).

Once you have decided on your lights and where you are placing them, you need to work out your cables and how much you will need. Measure the distance between each light and then back to the power source and from the power supply to the first light in the sequence. A T-Piece connector will be needed for every light except from your last one in the sequence. Measure the total distance making sure it does not exceed 50 metres. 

3. Grab your transformer, and then set the system up by just plugging it in. 

Now its time to connect everything up and together, sit back and enjoy your new lighting system. 

Key Features:

  • Power: 2W
  • Nominal: 12V
  • Bulb type:   LED MR11
  • Lumens: 170 LUMENS (Warm White
  • Construction:   
  • Height: 160mm
  • Package Contents: 1 x Light fixture with base & stainless steel spike 1 x Bulb
  • Requires: 12V Transformer (Sold Separately)
  • Adjustable Head: Yes

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