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Made-To-Measure Product Range

At Ruby, our manufacturing expertise spans a broad spectrum, crafting everything from planters, gates, fence panels, pergolas, sheds, field shelters, stables, and much more.

Our made-to-measure product range extends a wide array of sizes and complete customization. Whether it's a unique gate size or a personalized field shelter design, we're well-equipped to assist. With a dedicated team of over 15 craftsmen devoted to constructing and tailoring your products, our adept joinery team can tackle nearly any challenge. Additionally, our in-house 3D design team adds another layer of innovation.

We're always eager to schedule a call with you, dedicated to discovering the optimal solution for your garden, fields, house, or shed requirements.

Please Note: All products with the "Made-To-Measure" badge are manufactured upon order placement and falls under our "Made-To-Measure" product range. We encourage you to review our Terms and Conditions (Section 2) before placing an order, as they detail guidance regarding orders, returns, and cancellations for "Made-To-Measure" product range.

Made-To-Measure Benefits

Quality Control: With all our "made-to-measure" labelled products you can be sure they have gone under strict quality control. Every product within this category is made to order. This helps us keep high quality control and within our own control.

Bespoke Size: By making each product to order we're able to make all our products to completely unique sizes at a just as fast delivery time. Sometimes the manufacturing time can take slightly longer but all orders will be priortised in the same way.

Fast Delivery: Need a fast delivery time? With our made-to-measure products the majority of them are available with a 5-7 day delivery. Even, if ordering a bespoke size


Ordering, Returns & Cancellations

Made-To-Measure: Items categorised as "made-to-measure" will feature a "made-to-measure" text stamp above below product title. These products are exclusively manufactured upon order placement, whether in standard size or bespoke measurements, constituting a "bespoke order."

2.8 Upon the receipt of a Bespoke order, an order confirmation will be sent to the customer which we strongly recommend you check for accuracy. If any changes are required on a Bespoke order and we have not yet placed it into the manufacturing system we may, at our discretion, update the order providing you contact us by phone during normal office working hours. If the order has been entered into the Manufacturing system then charges may apply in order to make a change.

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