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Cedar Shingles Installation Guide

How to Install Cedar Shingles


Cedar Coverage

Our cedar shingles come in pack of 50. This gives a total coverage of 1.2sqm per pack. Each shingle covers 0.024sqm. When working out how many you need simply divide your total sqaure meter coverage by 0.024. For example 20sqm would be 20 divided by 0.024  = 833.33. We'd also recommend at least 5% wastage. Total amount needed would be 875 (18 packs)

Step 1 - Waterproof membrane 

When using cedar shingles we would always recommend having a waterproof membrane underneath. This helps protect protect the timber frame underneath and with the correct installation makes it watertight. Starting at the eaves you'll want to lay the membrane horizontally across the roof, overlapping slightly with each until you reach the roof apex. Most membranes can simply be stapled to the timber framework behind. 

Step 2 - Face coverage and Battens 

Our cedar shingles when installed have a face coverage of 175mm (Wide) x 135mm (High). This means battens should be set out at 135mm centre to centre across your roof. 

Step 3 - Nailing Cedar Shingles

Starting at the eaves, nail the first row of shingles with 2 nails at the top of each shingle leaving a 5mm gap between for expansion. Shingles at the end of the roof may need trimming to width.

Step 4 - Installing Next Layer

The next layer of shingles can now be installed. This is done with a 50:50 overlap, this means that the centre aligns with the 5mm gap of the 2 shingles below. It is advisable to set a spacer at 135mm to ensure an even overlap across all shingles. Repeat this process until reaching the ridge of the roof.

Step 5 - How to install shingles with Apex Roof

For an apex roof after both sides have been covered a ridge capping. This will be required to prevent any rain water from falling between the gaps.