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Round Top Picket Pales

As part of our range of picket panels and fencing products, we have picket pales. Simple yet effective, traditional picket pales are commonly used for restricting access to areas of gardens and front gardens where privacy is not necessary and runs along the sides for aesthetic use. They do still act as barriers of course to let others know where they cannot go and perfect for the front of cottages and rural gardens due to the traditional look and feel that they provide. Such a simple design that creates a strong and distinct design. Our picket pales are of such great quality with little to no defects such as open grains and knots. Planed and treated using a green tanalith pressure treatment, these pickets are built to last due to the robust and sturdy nature whilst also being rot resistant thanks to the pressure treatment. You may wish to buy these pales when wanting to create a whole line of fencing or you may want to buy the odd 1 or 2 because your existing picket fence needs some maintenance and a few need replacing; whatever it is, be sure that you’ll be impressed with our picket pales. 

We currently have three different styles of pickets which include our rounded top, pointed top and straight top pickets. The rounded pickets create a more modern feel whilst the pointed and straight top produce a traditional, homely impression. All three designs are made from a joinery grade Scandinavian redwood proving the quality, finish and grain and illustrating just how great these pales are. Also available at Ruby is our freestanding and standard picket panels which are made from our Scandinavian redwood pickets. Our freestanding panels allow you to move them around as and when you desire whilst are standard picket panels will need securing to a fence post creating a stress free and easy job.

Hopefully this has provided you with the information you need regarding our picket pales and panels so be sure to check them out to find the right style for you. If you have any more questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01409231763 and they will be happy to help.

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