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Decking maintenance checklist

Decking maintenance checklist

Decking maintenance checklist


Give it a light scrub… — Nothing fancy here, some warm soapy water is ideal for scrubbing off mould and bird poo, while a regular whip-round with a stiff broom will do the trick in sweeping up leaves and other rubbish.

… Or a deeper clean — If your timber needs more intensive TLC, use a proper decking cleaner to scrub off that mildew and gunk. Ideally, clean your decking on a cool, overcast day.

Check for loose boards and nails — If you find any, dodge further damage by replacing any loose nails with decking screws; they’re less likely to come loose, saving you a job further down the line!

Elevate those plant pots — Plant pots can create water stains on your decking; elevating them will stop any staining and give your plants better drainage and airflow, a winner all round!

Stain it —autumn is the perfect time for staining your deck against the harsh winter weather. A faster-drying stain is best for this time of year and will keep the deck looking tip-top, restore some natural oils and protect it against the worst of the weather. For that natural look please look at our osmo decking oil.

Our checklist should help you keep your decking looking tip-top, but if you’re thinking about freshening up the outdoor space in your garden, Ruby UK’s fantastic range of decking options are perfect. To find out more about our decking visit

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