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Mending A Storm Damaged Timber Fence

Mending A Storm Damaged Timber Fence

Mending A Storm Damaged Timber Fence

Although we haven’t had to deal with the aftermath of a storm as of late, this glorious sunshine won’t last forever and more extreme weather will inevitably hit us. We’re sure you all remember the Beast from the East which took us by surprise, causing havoc across the country and leaving a trail of destruction.

After the worst weather we have had to endure in years, resulting in plenty of homes suffering damage to their buildings and gardens. If you were one of those who suffered damage to your timber garden fence thanks to the snow and storms, was it so bad that you had to replace it? Or were you able to fix it up?

Thankfully, if the damage isn’t too severe, your wooden garden fence can be repaired with a little knowhow and the right tools. This can help you to avoid any huge costs. If you would like to know how to fix minor issues with your timber fence, so you’re prepared for when the next storm hits, keep reading…. 

Assess the damage

Firstly, you need to know what you are dealing with. If your fence is severely leaning, chances are the damage has already been done and you could need to replace the posts, or the whole thing. Likewise, if there are complete panels missing, and the remaining ones are very rotten, it might be time to bite the bullet and invest in a completely new timber fence. However, if the damage is minimal, such as a couple of cracks or a bit of a wobble, there is no need to replace the whole thing.

Tools and protection

For fixing your timber garden fence you should only require a few everyday tools which will most likely be found in your garden shed or toolbox, such as a hammer, electric drill and spade! What we do advise is that you wear protective gloves and clothing, which should be the case whenever you indulge in a home DIY project.

To repair a wobbly timber fence post

If your timber fence post is wobbling after withstanding a lot of wind and rain, but still appears to be intact and is just loose in its hole, a pair of stakes should do the job. You will need to buy a couple of 2x4’s which extend at least 18 inches above the ground. We advise our customers to only use pressure-treated timber, to ensure longevity. Bevel cut one end of each and drive them into the ground along opposite sides of the post and then bore two holes through both and the post. Now simply bolt everything together.

To repair a crack in a strip of timber

Loosen the nails holding the broken panels and then pull them out with pliers. Take your replacement single panel, measure the length you need and then cut to size. Place the strip in the right position and then nail it in – simple! We recommend you now treat the whole fence with water repellent or stain, to protect it and to make sure the replacement blends in with the rest of the timber.

If your fence does become damaged or need repairing we work closely with CPM General Builders in Exeter, they provide residents throughout the South West with property maintenance services, including repairs to timber frame fences.

We hope these simple tips have been useful for you. If you would like to know more about our range of fencing, please get in touch with our team on 01409 231763.

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