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Wooden Trellis and Bench

Create your Ideal DIY Garden this Summer

Create your Ideal DIY Garden this Summer

With people spending more time outdoors in their gardens this year, it’s the perfect opportunity to start a vegetable plot or design a new flower bed.


There’s still time to plant lots of vegetables, including carrot and salad seeds for summer crops, or broccoli seeds for autumn harvesting. You can also pick up seedlings such as beans and tomatoes from your local garden centre. If you don’t have an area of the garden suitable for a vegetable plot, or you prefer a raised bed, how about one of our handmade garden planters.


Decking Planter

If summer plants bursting with colour and texture are more what you have in mind, create a beautiful new flower bed edged with timber sleepers. You could go for the cottage garden look, with an informal jumble of foxgloves, hollyhocks, delphiniums, lupins and lavender, perhaps with some sweet scented roses and honeysuckle climbing up your trellis. Or perhaps a more architectural garden is your style: careful planting of striking hostas, agapanthus or succulents would look stunning in a garden planter

We have recently added pergolas to our site, and they are proving to be very popular! They come with posts, brackets, roof timbers and all fixings as standard and you can choose if you would like a roof of not. Pergolas are a great way to compliment a hot tub, BBQ area or an al fresco dining set up, our customers have complimented their pergolas with outdoor lights, climbing plants and canopies for when they want some shade in the warmer weather. Why not add a trellis too along the sides of a pergola to help the climbing plants grow up the sides of the pergola? The possibilities are endless, and you can get creative.


Hot Tub Pergola

In addition to pergola kits, we also have premium and standard decking kits, which can be used at the base of a pergola or to build a decking patio area. Our wooden decking kits will probably be an easier DIY challenge than the pergola, so maybe start off here. Our decking kits also come with everything you need to build the perfect decking area in your garden, each includes pressure treated decking boards, a rough sawn base and all of decking and joist screw fixings. If you need any further guidance, we have a video tutorial available to guide you through each stage. A decking area would make for a great raised platform in garden to put garden furniture on, so they won’t sink into the grass and wobble!


Garden Bench and Trellis

I hope we’ve inspired you with a few ideas for your DIY garden project – with a bit of time and care, your garden ideas will be coming into bloom in no time. Don’t forget to finish off your look with a neat garden shed

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