Tree Branch Pruning Saw

Tree Branch Pruning Saw


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Blade features:
  • Japanese premium high carbon steel for maximum durability
  • Tri-Edge teeth with 3 cutting angles for a smooth and clean cut
  • Impulse hardened teeth to increase durability and stay sharp longer
  • Taper ground blade provides a smoother, faster cutting performance
  • Chrome-plated for rust prevention
  • Replaceable blade for a longer saw lifetime (replacement blades sold separately)

Saw features:

  • Ergonomic handle design exclusive to Oregon
  • Handle shape optimizes cutting movement
  • Pulling saw system, less effort required
  • Special sheath design, can be strapped to legs or hung to tool belt
  • Click-in mechanism for secure housing

User benefits

  • Superior cutting performance, improves productivity
  • Highly durable blade, longer lifetime than non-hardened teeth blades
  • Superior grip & ergonomics; minimizes fatigue
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Easy to carry & protect

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