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Stock Fencing HT8/80/30

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Specification: HT8/80/30 

HT corresponds to the weight of the wire, this is a High Tensile wire

The most popular height of high of high tensile stock fence suitable for all livestock. This fence is fully grant eligible, High Tensile Fencing is stronger, more durable, easier to erect and will not sag like the mild steel fence it replaces. It can be strained much tighter, requiring half the number of intermediate posts- saving both time and money. Also, whereas mild steel wire stretches with weathering, High Tensile wire has greater strengh and elasticity to withstand weather conditions and animal impact without losing its shape or tension. In the long-term, this means reduced maintenance and further saving.

8 is for the number of horizontal line wires

80 is for the height of the fence, 80cm.

30 is for the distance between the vertical wires, 30cm.

HT8-80-30 construction finished in galvanised and is manufactured to BSEN 10223-1 and galvanised to BSEN 10244-2 Class A to guarantee the highest quality with 50 meters on a Roll.


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