Shebbear Featheredge Driveway Gate

Ruby UK

Total Width: 1.2m
Height: 0.9m

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Our Driveway gate is handmade here at Ruby UK. Made from pressure treated, high-quality featheredge and 100 x 47mm. With years of experience, these gates will look fantastic as a side gate. Specifically designed for strength and durability to make it long-lasting and appealing. Fully framed and braced.

Width (M) -  1.2m (4ft), 1.5m (5ft),1.8m (6ft), 2.1m (7ft), 2.4m (8ft), 2.7m (9ft), 3.0m (10ft), 3.3m (11ft), 3.6m (12ft), 3.9m (13ft), 4.2m (14ft), 4.5m (15ft).

All gates are made in metric - gates are made as a pair, two leafs half of the total width. 

Height (M) - 0.9m (3ft), 1.2m (4ft), 1.52m (5ft), 1.8m (6ft), 2.1m (7ft)

All Gates are made in metric 

Bespoke - Bespoke sizes can be made and ordered here!

Bracing - 100mm x 47mm

Featheredge - 150mm Wide x 15mm tapered down to 7mm


  • To keep its natural colour, and long life we would recommend staining the gate every 6 months with osmo clear oil.

Posts (1/3 the height of the post in the ground)


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