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The Little Likit Multipack Horse Licks are made to be used with the Tongue Twister toy to help capture your horses attention and promote movement and exercise. The horse licks themselves provide a reward, while the Little Likit Multipack Horse Licks allow for a variety of flavours to be used, offering your horse a fine selection.

These horse licks are simply used like other similar pieces, being licked by your horse to release flavour. The Little Likit Multipack Horse Licks are fitted onto their corresponding toys, encouraging your horse to interact with them and move to get to the lick. The motion of these toys makes them ideal for indoor use, great for smaller stables or for any horses on stable rest to keep them occupied.

Smaller than the regular Likit pieces, the Little Likit Multipack Horse Licks still provides the same nutritional value along with great amounts of flavour for your horse. As well as this, the multipack offers a more cost effective solution than buying several individual pieces, as well as providing a range and a choice that allows you to get your horse used to several different flavours.

The Little Likit Multipack Horse Licks come in apack of 5 with each single 250g piece coming individually wrapped.


  • 2 x Apple.1
  • 1 x Banana.
  • 1 x Carrot.
  • 1 x Cherry.
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