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Likit Boredom Buster + 2 FREE Likits

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Likit Boredom Buster *WITH 2 FREE LIKITS*

Is this the most challenging toy yet?  The exciting Boredom Buster from Likit is sure to provide hours of mental stimulation for your horse.  Simply hang from a strong beam away from any walls, insert either 1 or 2 Little Likits (250g) and as your horse licks the Likits the Boredom Buster will move and spin, increasing the level of challenge - ideal for those clever horses and ponies.


Add a further challenge by attaching to your Likit Holder using the enclosed safety clip.  Try using a salt based Likit in the holder and the flavoured Little Likits in the Boredom Buster, this will add variety for your horse as well as providing a great source of salt, essential to your horses health.



  • Ideal for food motivated horses or experienced Likit users
  • Multi-directional movement
  • Multiple challenge options to add different flavours / sizes of refill