The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)’s familiar “tick tree” logo has been helping consumers buy wood, paper and timber products with confidence for over 25 years. But what exactly does it stand for?

Responsibly sourced

According to a TNS study, 75% of UK consumers believe it is important for the products they buy to be sustainably sourced. When you purchase an FSC certified timber product, you can rest assured it has originated from a responsibly-managed forest, where harvested trees are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally, and parts of the forest are protected entirely for the sake of the wildlife and people who call it home.

Protecting wildlife

If the wood or timber product you are buying doesn’t carry the FSC logo, it may well have come from illegal or unsustainable wood sources and contributed to the destruction of valuable habitats. The FSC sets higher standards than any other forest certification scheme, providing the highest level of protection for endangered species and natural forests. 

Helping communities

The FSC helps protect the rights of indigenous people by making any sacred sites within the forest exempt from felling. The forest owner must also employ local workers, providing them with appropriate training and safety equipment and a fair salary. Buying FSC certified timber products means you are helping to support these communities.

Saving the planet

As well as providing vital habitats for wildlife, the trees in our forests help reduce the impact of global warming and climate change by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. The FSC label guarantees that the trees that have been harvested to produce the product are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally, ensuring our forests remain around for future generations.

Charity endorsed

FSC is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by major environmental charities WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust, helping you to make an informed choice and ultimately buy timber products with a clear conscience.

Chain of custody

FSC certified timber products are tracked and certified through every stage of their journey from the forest to the retailer, enabling consumers to make an informed choice when they buy wood, paper, timber and everyday items made from these materials. Ruby Group are proud holders of the FSC Chain of Custody Certificate that confirms our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. It runs a global certification programme with two key components: Forest Management and Chain of Custody. 

All of our timber is FCS approved.

If you would like any advice or guidance regarding our FSC-certified timber, email us: or give us a call on: 01409 231763