Here at Ruby UK, our treated timber cladding is very much a best seller due to the versatility and overall performance that it serves. Cladding is commonly used as an exterior layer to protect buildings against the sometimes harsh UK weather, whilst also giving an aesthetically pleasing look due to the natural grains and colours of the boards. Cladding comes in many different profiles, lengths, and types of woods which we offer here at Ruby UK, ranging from Loglap Cladding Boards and treated redwood Shiplap to Western Red Cedar and premium oak cladding. Available in different sizes, be sure to find the right type and length for you with us!

Benefits of Using Cladding 

Mentioned previously, our treated timber cladding is very versatile due to the different types that we offer and the lengths and sizes available, making it ideal for many different structures and buildings. It can also be cut down to a preferred size if necessary to fit any gaps. Because of the different types of wood that we offer such as Oak, Larch, Western Red Cedar, Scandinavian Redwood and Spruce Mix, various patterns and colours are therefore available and suitable for any architectural project or design. Because of the lightweight but durable features, our cladding is applicable for any sized project and can be installed quickly and efficiently. The array of cladding allows you to experiment with different effects and features making your building unique. Staining or painting is another great way to give a unique impression with your cladding, again making it very versatile due to the many different outcomes and finishes you can get. Available at Ruby, we offer Osmo Stains for different types of woods which is very beneficial to your cladding as it can reduce the swelling of the wood and stops algae, mildew and fungal growth thus preserving your wood for longer periods of time.

Another great benefit of using cladding as an exterior feature is the durability and ability to withstand changing conditions and constant impacts due to the fact that wood is a natural product. When maintained properly, timber cladding can survive for many years whilst still giving that natural warm feeling. Also any damages that you might have, can be easily repaired due to the installment process and lightweight features of the cladding. At Ruby, we offer 50mm nails which are ideal for the installment process or for a repair job. One more great benefit is the fact that Timber cladding leaves little carbon footprint compared to other building materials and is very much naturally renewable. Efficiency is another great benefit of cladding because of the thermal conductivity that it provides therefore decreasing the amount of energy required to heat up or cool down a building, in turn reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed whilst also saving money at the same time; a win-win situation for everyone!

Cladding Materials

Within our cladding section here at Ruby, we offer many different types including a variety of different materials to suit all requirements and to meet everyone's needs.

Our Scandinavian Redwood is of joinery grade, planed and treated and comes with a 15 year TREAT RIGHT warranty. All of our slow grown joinery grade Scandinavian redwood is sourced from sustainable and certified forests and has a very low carbon footprint when comparing to other materials such as concrete, metals and plastics. Scandinavian Redwood Cladding  we sell at ruby include Tongue and Groove boards, Loglap boards, Shiplap boards, Lightweight Shiplap boards and Shiplap Tongue & Groove boards.

Another material used for our cladding is Western Red Cedar which is constantly in high demand due to the modern and stylish look it provides; perfect for cladding outsides of buildings or sheds. Our Cedar is untreated due to its natural durability and long lasting features, however Osmo staining products can really help to preserve the wood for even longer periods of time. Western Red Cedar cladding that we have here at Ruby includes 6x1 cedar cladding, 6x1 planed cedar cladding, cedar tongue & groove boards and planed cedar shiplap. 

Larch is another material used for cladding and very well known for its durable and long lasting properties. Its very much rot resistant and because of how dense the timber is, it does not need to be treated however, Osmo stains can help to keep natural colours and grains noticeable. Its a perfect material for cladding buildings like offices and sheds because of the eye catching appearance that it gives and long lasting effect needed for these types of structures. Here at Ruby, we have 6x1 larch, 6x1 planed larch, larch tongue & groove boards , larch shiplap and IRO Heat Enhanced Timber Cladding available to purchase. 

Last of all, we have mixed softwood cladding available which has been pressure treated using a tanalith pressure treatment to ensure long life and resistance to rot. This material is a cost efficient way of cladding your buildings whilst still creating a really good appearance to finish off the project. Mixed Softwood cladding that we have available includes featheredge boards, 6x1 treated boards and 4x1 treated boards.

Cladding Sizes

Due to the different profiles and styles of cladding we have to offer here at Ruby, our sizes for each vary slightly. Its important that you know these measurements to help you pick the right type.

Scandinavian Redwood: (Depth x Width)

Shiplap Boards: 15mm x 145mm 

Lightweight Shiplap Boards: 12mm x 119mm 

Treated Tongue & groove Boards: 14.5mm x 121mm

Loglap Boards: 20.5mm x 119mm

Western Red Cedar: (Depth x Width)

Cedar Boards: 22mm x 150mm

Planed Cedar Boards: 19mm x 145mm

Cedar Tongue & Groove Boards: 19mm x 145mm

Cedar Shiplap Boards: 19mm x 145mm

Larch (Depth x Width)

Larch Boards: 22mm x 150mm

Planed Larch Boards: 19mm x 145mm

Larch Tongue & Groove Boards: 19mm x 145mm

Larch Shiplap Boards: 19mm x 145mm

IRO External Timber Heat Enhanced Cladding: 21mm x 145mm

Mixed Softwood

Featheredge Boards: 15mm tapered to 7mm x 150mm

6x1 Sawn timber Boards: 22mm x 150mm

4x1 Sawn Timber Boards: 22mm x 100mm

We have a shiplap cladding calculator available to use making sure you get exactly what you need without the hassle of working it out.


To conclude with, we hope you have found this information helpful and will help towards finding the right cladding for you. Be sure to check out all the cladding products within this blog and other products listed too and if you need any help finding the right size or type, give us a call on 01409 231763.