Part of our cladding range, we have our joinery grade Scandinavian redwood Tongue and Groove, planed and treated ready to battle the UK weather whilst protecting your buildings structural frame. With similar properties to our shiplap cladding, it’s the perfect board to create a uniformed, streamlined look which can be either installed vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. With all cladding being versatile, this profile is no different and can be used for a number of projects. The boards fit together through an interlocking system, with numerous boards joining together securely to make a combined surface, adding security and therefore increasing weather protection.


Tongue and groove boards have many uses both indoors and outdoors, however we would strongly recommend looking at either our larch or cedar options when wanting to use indoors due to the chemical treatment of our Scandinavian Redwood boards. In terms of indoor uses, it can be used for panelling, flooring and cladding walls and ceilings which creates a natural, sleek design. More commonly, tongue and groove boards are used for exterior buildings such as sheds, garages, playhouses and also summer houses which will protect the structure of the building and finish off the project. Due to the fact that the material is naturally grown, the grains and colours may vary slightly creating slight contrasts which we believe adds to the eye-catching appearance once the build is finished.

Mentioned briefly before, our joinery grade Scandinavian redwood tongue and groove is treated with a green pressure Lonza treatment and a 15-year TREAT RIGHT warranty is included to make sure your boards have a long life and to keep them in brilliant condition throughout their lifetime. In lengths of 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m and 3.6m be sure to find the right length for your project with us at a great price including discounts on bundles brought. The process of instalment is very much an easy job because of the interlocking system in place between each board and the lightweight features making it easy to get the boards into place secure. To help secure the boards, we have available at Ruby UK, 50mm Nails compatible with all our cladding range to help make the process more efficient and easier for yourself.


Why not try using Osmo Stains on your Tongue and groove boards to help keep them in immaculate condition. The stains will help to keep the natural colours and grains involved in the boards by using pigments which match the woods natural characteristics. As well as this, the application of the stain will stop the boards from swelling, rotting or shrinking. All Osmo stains are dirt and water resistant.