As Spring turns to Summer, many of us will have already turned our attention to the garden. But what about the rest of the exterior? Whether we’re sipping a morning coffee with our heads buried in a paper, playing football with the kids, or hosting a boozy barbecue party, we all want an outside space that’s safe, looking its best and a joy to spend time in. 

Now is a great time to take advantage of the warmer, drier weather and get all those exterior timber maintenance jobs out of the way so that we can simply enjoy our garden for the rest of the Summer…

  • Remove mould
  • Scrub mould or algae off your timber cladding, decking, fencing and wooden furniture using a diluted bleach solution. Be careful not to get it on any vegetation.

  • Refresh decking
  • Clean your wooden decking with a good scrub or use a pressure washer, and apply a protectant, decking oil or stain to keep your decking looking its best and protected from the elements for the year ahead.

  • Refinish timber
  • Paint, stain, oil or varnish faded, weathered and discoloured timber (make sure you clean and sand it first) and give it a new lease of life ready for the Summer!

  • Assess fencing
  • Check your fence panels and timber fence posts for signs of decay, and prune any trees or shrubs that are beginning to encroach on your fencing.

  • Plan landscaping
  • Sitting out and using the garden can really help to inspire landscaping ideas, so this is a great time of year to get outside and start planning. However, if you think any nonessential landscaping projects are going to take more than a few weeks, then it might be better to postpone these until early next Spring rather than working on through a hot Summer when you could be enjoying the garden.

    Once your garden is set and your exterior timber is shipshape, all that’s left to do is to kick back, relax and enjoy some time in your beautiful outdoor space. Have a great Summer!

    Tanalised (pressure treated) timber lasts longer, is more resistant to mould, insects and the elements, and does not require painting. To find out more about our low-maintenance tanalised timber, give us a call us on 01409 231763