All this wonderful weather we’ve been having may be encouraging you to make some modifications to your outside space to make it more comfortable and usable. Whether you’ve got a small or large garden, a grassy lawn or paved courtyard, there are many ways you can utilize your space effectively with some timber and a little inspiration. In most cases, a DIY project will help you to save money, and provide you with a lot of satisfaction! There are plenty of tutorials online, especially on YouTube where you can follow a project step by step. However here is a good place to start for some timber project ideas…


If you’ve found yourself spending more time outside to make the most of the sunshine, and could do with some further seating, you can very easily make some made to measure timber benches. You could place some around your fire pit or BBQ, and add some cushions for comfort. We offer a range of sawn timber for benches in different lengths and finishes, depending on how you will want your bench to look. A little tip is to make sure the timber you purchase is treated, so your efforts will go on for years to come without rotting!


Timber pergolas are great for defining your space and adding another dimension. You can hang lights from different sections or encourage vines and plants to grow up it to create a wonderful look. If your garden is in need of some visual appeal, these really do add the wow factor, and you can build your own quite easily with every day tools from the shed.

Potting station 

For the keen gardener, you could create your very own timber potting station! If you don’t have enough space for a shed and find yourself potting your plants in the house which can create a fair amount of mess, a timber potting station will solve all of your problems. If you have an alcove which is not being used as it’s perhaps too small, you can make your station custom size in order to utilize the wasted space.

Raised garden beds 

Another idea for anyone who is green fingered is to build timber raised beds which you can use to strategically section your space, and of course grow your very own fruit, vegetable and flowers. You may have purchased them ready made in the past but you will be surprised at how simple they are to make, and doing it yourself will save you money. Don’t forget to line them and ensure they have enough drainage! 

Timber steps

If you have some sloped sections in your garden which can become slippery when wet, why not add some timber steps? This will be a lot safer, especially if you have children or elderly relatives who would like to enjoy your garden with you too.

We hope these projects have left you feeling inspired. For more information on our range of sawn timber for benches, please give us a call on 01409 231763 or send us a message on our live chat.