Storm Repair Saver Bundle

Save 10% on posts and Osmo when purchasing a panel in our storm repair saver offer!

Ensure your fencing's safety with our bundles during stormy seasons for years ahead with our secure posts and Osmo Clear Oil bundle. Rest assured, you're taking every necessary step to safeguard your fencing.

Check out our special deal on fence panel bundles! Whether you need to replace panels after storms or want to upgrade your garden fencing for the new year, our bundle has you covered. It includes posts and Osmo oil to preserve the panels and maintain their natural beauty.

Product: Cedar Slatted Panel

Storm Damage

High winds become the adversaries of fencing structures this time of year, relentlessly pushing and tugging at their steadfast posts and panels. Wooden fences, though charming and natural, are prone to warping, splitting, or even complete collapse when faced with severe gusts without the right protection. We would always recommend fixing onto sturdy posts and applying OSMO Clear Oil


10% off Posts and Osmo Oil Bundles with select Fence Panels

Closeboard Fence Panel

Our cheapest option of fence panel. This is great value for money and a rustic design.

Premium T&G Panel

Our strongest fence panel, made using joinery grade timber and pressure treated T&G boards.

Cedar Slatted Panel

Our most decorative fence panel. The cedar finish and slatted design helps create modern and stylish feel.

Posts and OSMO Oil

Fence Posts

Osmo Clear Oil

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Top Fencing Protection Tips

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Wood Preserver - Osmo Clear Oil

Our first and most important tip is to always apply a stain to your timber. You ideally want 2 coats of this before installing the fencing. This will help protect your timber from warping, splitting and keep its natural colour for longer

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Replace Damage Boards or Panels

If you notice any rot or damage to fencing it is important to fix this right away. Fixing or repiaring one part of the fence is a lot cheaper than having to replace all your fencing down the line

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Clear Debris / Dirt around or on fencing

The key to keeping your fence from rot free environment is to clear any mess or debris around the area. This will help prevent fencing from rotting or getting wet, partiularly important during rainy months.

FAQ for Fencing Protection

How much OSMO do I need?

The Osmo covers 18sqm and ideally need two coats. So this will mean the tin itself will cover 9sqm with the two coats. To work out sqm coverage just take the width x height and this will give you sqm. For example 1.8m Wide x 2.1m High panel = 1.8m x 2.1m = 3.78sqm.

How do I get the 10% off?

If you wish to add the selected products as part of the bundle simply tick the box and add to cart with your panel. It'll automatically apply the 10% discount for you in basket

What's your delivery times?

Our delivery times will vary. All standard products are 3-7 working days. All manufactured products are 10-15 working days. Delivery is free over £100!

Do fence panels arrive assembled?

Yes, all our manufactured products will arrive fully assembled and we will deliver directly to door.

Need anymore help or advice?

Our phone line 01409 231763 and livechat is available from 8am - 10pm every day! Feel free to talk to one of our members of staff who will be more than happy to offer any guidance.

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