If you’ve been spending more time in your garden thanks to the beautiful weather we’ve been having in the UK, you could have noticed that your timber garden shed is in need of some attention. It may be that a new paint job or replacement panel will help to make it look as good as new, or it might be time you start thinking about purchasing or building a new one.

Wondering when is the time to invest in a new timber garden shed? Keep reading to find out…

There are issues with the floor

When you are checking your timber shed for any problems, it is best to work from the ground up. A main cause of rot in timber garden sheds is rising damp, when ground water has been absorbed through the floor bearers and into the floor. Hopefully during installation, you will have followed the correct procedure by placing your garden shed on an appropriate base with drainage, in order to prevent this happening. If your shed sits directly on soil or grass, whenever it gets damp or wet, the moisture will seep into the wood. If overall it is still in good condition but the base has slight rot, you can create a new base to prevent further issues. But if your shed has begun to warp from damp and has become quite rotten, we would advise you look for a replacement.

It is leaking

Timber garden sheds are not designed to leak! If water is getting in, there is no doubt some sort of damage. You need to find the source and assess the seriousness of it. Best case scenario, you will find a hole or maybe multiple holes, which do not look like they have been there for very long, causing minimal damage. If you feel confident enough, you can go right ahead and patch them up. However, if you find many holes which have been leaking water for some time, the damage may well be irreversible.

There are problems with the roof felt

Your roof felt plays an important role in protecting your timber shed from the elements. It is recommended you replace the whole thing every two to three years, depending on the level of shelter you have. If you notice any tears or rips you will need to fix them as soon as possible, to prevent any water getting in. Damage which goes unnoticed for some time could create long term problems, resulting in leaving you no option but to buy a new shed entirely.

The timber is very damaged

Timber garden sheds are open to the elements and could be broken from say perhaps a fallen tree or rouge football. If the breakage is only minor, there is no need to panic. You can use duct tape on the inside and wood filler to ensure holes are waterproof, and even if you need to replace a few planks, it is no big issue. However, if you find multiple parts of the shed are really damaged and the structure is suffering because of it, you may have to go shed shopping!

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