Another great profile of cladding we have available here at Ruby UK is our Loglap cladding. With properties very similar to our tongue and groove boards, these however have a curved face replicating a log design, ideal for those sheds and garages that need updating. These boards are made to last due to the overlapping design, creating extra strength and durability, forming a great structure suitable for almost any outside building. Made from joinery grade Scandinavian redwood, these Loglap boards are of great quality and produce a very high standard of finish creating a contemporary, unique design due to the shape of the boards.


Because of the versatility of cladding in general, these Loglap boards can be used for a number of different reasons and projects such as side gates, driveway gates, fencing, cabins, sheds and garages. The boards are machined with either a lap or tongue and groove profile and interlock together whilst still providing enough room for any movement which might occur due to the moisture levels. They are weatherproof and do not allow any rainwater through with great thermal conductivity improving the efficiency of energy required whilst also reducing the amount of fossils fuels needed to create the energy.


Our Loglap cladding is planed and treated with a green pressure Lonza treatment and a 15-year TREAT RIGHT warranty where few other suppliers can offer this. This will ensure your boards have a long life because of the rot resistant elements and protection against fungal and insect attack. As well as this, Osmo Stains, available at Ruby, is another great application used to keep the natural colours and grains of the wood by using pigments which match the woods natural characteristics. This will keep your Loglap in superb condition for years to come, and we recommend that you apply these stains every 6 months for optimal performance.