As a matter of fact, your window frames are an intellectual part of your building and when they are in a good condition, they can really stand out creating a warm, natural feeling. Its really important that you look after your timber windows as they can deteriorate over time and become something of the past therefore making your home look tatty and run down. When talking about timber which is used in windows, you divide them into two categories; hardwood and softwood. Now you may think that the name of these categories are self explanatory but actually some hardwoods can be extremely soft and vice versa. Therefore it is important to consider all the different types of wood as some maybe better for you depending on your location. Oak wood and Accoya wood are types of wood used as windows, Oak being hardwood and Accoya being softwood. Other types would include Sweet Chestnut, Sapele,Teak, Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Larch 

When deciding if and how to replenish your timber windows, you need to examine the current situation of them and see the state they are in. If maybe they lack a bit of colour and it has faded, then a coat or two of paint should bring them back up to scratch. On the other hand, if the paint is flaky and mature, then its time to bring the sand paper out and the necessary tools and sand the frame back so there is no paint left. This guide will allow you to understand what you need to do in order to keep your timber windows in tip top condition for years to come.

To start off with you will need to remove and clean away any window furniture which might get in your way. Looking at your windows, you will obviously be able to judge the condition and if you can, try not to strip the timber back to bare minimum but only if required. The paint may just be starting to flake and therefore just remove those bits with a scraper before sanding it off around the areas nearby making it smooth and ready to paint on. However, if the paint has aged massively then its best to strip it back and start again with the bare timber. Stripping the paint back can be achieved in a number of ways whether that is using tools such as sanders and heat guns too using chemicals such as paint strippers and both of these methods will have the same result.

Once this is achieved, you will need to look over the surface and check for any more cracks or holes in the timber which may have been caused from the stripping of paint. These cracks and holes should be filled up with wood filler. The filler will normally sit just above the top of the hole and therefore sanding is needed to remove that edge and bring the piece to a nice smooth finish. It is really important that you try and use a filler which is of the same or similar colour to the timber itself especially if you are painting the wood although if this cannot be achieved, mixing small amounts of light and dark filler until you get the right colour should be fine. Sandpaper should be used again just lightly to give a smooth finish and a base which the paint will stick too. It is recommended that the timber should be treated with white spirit before you start with your first coat. We offer a range woodcare brushes in our timber fencing section of our website. 

Fit For the Job Woodcare Brush - Various Sizes

If the remaining paint work is in a good condition then there is no need to prime or undercoat and you can go straight to putting the top coat on of vinyl satin or gloss depending on your preferences. However if you are having to use primer or undercoat, make sure it is dry before you start applying your first coat of vinyl or gloss. The colour and manufacturer of your undercoat should be the same as your top coat just so it matches up better. After using your primer or undercoat, again go over it with sandpaper just making sure that any small lumps and bumps have been removed and the timber is smooth and ready for its top coat. Once this is done the top coat of vinyl satin or gloss can be painted onto the surface.

So there we are, here is the correct process which you will need to carry out when repainting your timber windows making sure they get back to their original state and windows that complete the look of your house and give it that finishing touch. Here at Ruby UK we stock a wide range of sawn timber supplies.  For any more advice or help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Ruby UK using one of the following methods:

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