There are plenty of simple ways you can make your garden look more aesthetically pleasing, for a low cost and minimal effort. Perhaps you add some fairy lights for a romantic mood during long summer evenings, or you could add pops of colour or greenery with timber planters. If you haven’t ever had wooden planters in your garden before you may think ‘where do I start?’

The beauty of them is that they are reasonably priced, customizable to fit in with your garden theme and easy to create. Keep reading to find out our top tips to make sure you get the most out of your timber garden planters and that your efforts will last as long as possible….

Pick the right planter for your garden

Before you start any sort of work, firstly you’ll need to make the right purchases. If you have a very small garden, a large planter which takes up a huge amount of room probably isn’t the best move! You will need to shop around and work out which type will be the correct size for you, and what sort of style you are after. No doubt you will be surprised at how many options there are. Here at Ruby we offer a huge selection of wooden handmade planters and we have sold 1000's to plenty of happy customers.

What you will also need to be aware of is the quality, to ensure they last for years to come. Our wooden planters are made from pressure treated decking or 6"x1" timber boards, and are built to last. We even offer bespoke sizes so you can be sure you'll find the planter for you!

Stock up on all the other supplies

There are a few more bits you will need besides your wooden planter. Multipurpose compost is a must as it will provide nutrients to the soil to help maintain soil quality and fertility, making your plants or flowers very happy! You will of course need to pick what will be growing in your timber planter. You can get plug plants which will give you a head start, or you can grow from seed. We offer a variety of vegetables seeds, should you want to be able to eat the fruits of your labour!

Make sure you read the back of the packet to understand what type of conditions your seeds need in order to flourish – it’s no use trying to grow something which requires plenty of direct sunlight if your garden is very sheltered. You will also need to purchase some plastic liner, enough for the size of planter you have.

Line your wooden planter sufficiently

You will need to add your plastic liner to the base of the wood planter, with the seam running lengthways. Make some holes in it and line them up with the holes in the bottom of your planter (if there aren’t any, you will need to get your drill!). Luckily all of ours come with readymade holes to save you time.

Fold any excess liner over the top and then add something to the base as a filler. This could be broken pots, plastic bottles, gravel or pieces of polystyrene – just something which is going to add drainage. This will also save you having to fill the whole thing with soil and compost.

In goes the compost and soil

Now the easy part! All you need to do is add your compost and soil, as evenly as you can. It is recommended you use around 60% topsoil and 40% compost. Be sure to leave a few centimeters at the top.

Add your seeds or plants

As there are so many variations of seed and plants, your best bet is to read the instructions on the label or packet. Remember that you don’t have to grow from seed, you can buy beautiful flowers which are already in bloom, so you get instant results. Just be sure to give them plenty of what they need – sunlight and water.

If you would like to know more about our range of handmade wooden planters, please give our team a call on 01409 231763 who will be happy to advise you.