Mending a Storm Damaged Fence

Storms can cause huge disruption to you and your household and potentially cause large amounts of damage through the violent weather. It is actually very common for storms to damage your garden and property however there are some things that you can do in order to try and restore some order back into your household.

If you do see that your fences have been broken or damaged, you need to try and replace or amend it as quickly as possible as wood can start to rot when damp and damaged and it can then start to spread along parts of the fence which haven't been damaged costing you money and your time. 

Assess The Damage

Once the viscous weather has stopped, it is important that you go and take a look at the fence and see what exactly has happened so that you can then take appropriate action. You may find that only a small part of the fence is damaged and can be replaced easily or, a new fence panel is needed because it has been badly damaged from the storm. Either way you will need to go and see what your dealing with. Make sure you have the right tools in place in order to carry out the job and complete it in a quick amount of time. As well as this, you may want to discuss your ideas with neighbours, telling them what you wish to do and getting their viewpoints on it which may help the process. Also it is important that you know the fences are your property and then you can make changes and adjustments to them.

Examine your Safety

Before starting any manual work or exerting yourself, its important to think about your own safety making sure that you do not injure yourself in any way. You may wish to ask for an extra pair of hands to save time and to help with any lifting to stop yourself from exerting as much pressure. You need to make sure your wearing the appropriate clothing such as gloves when handling broken wood as the edges can become very sharp as bits would of snapped off and from the overall wear.

Measure The Damaged Areas

You will need to think about the amount of fence damaged from the storm. You may decide that a new fence is not needed and it can be fixed by just replacing bits of wood. To start with, you will need to pick out the damaged sections of the fence and measure the size of these areas using a tape measure so that you know how much wood is needed to replace the broken bits. The new supply of wood will need to be of the same material and colour as the damaged fence so that it fits in and looks of a high standard. Make sure you measure the wooden posts and then using a rip saw, cut the damaged areas of wood to the correct sizes you measured previously.

Replacing the Damaged Wood

This is the last step of the process and consists of taking the damaged post out of place and checking for any nails left in the wood and just taking them out using pliers or a hammer to do so. You will then want to put the new wooden posts in place where the previous ones were and use this as a guide. Using a level, make sure it is flush and then hammer them down. If the rest of the fence is painted, ideally you should paint the new parts of the fence but make sure its done with a high quality paint. Once you have left it to dry thoroughly, a protective treatment can be used and is recommended to help preserve and protect it from harsh weather conditions, fungi and rot. This will finish the fence off and give it another layer of protection that it deserves.

So hopefully this will give you some great ideas and useful tips as to how you can help mend your fence which has been madly damaged from harsh weather conditions like storms. For any more tips or guides on fencing, head back to our advice page and take a look on the fencing category.