Here at Ruby UK we provide a variety of sizes of garden decking kits. These provide all the material you will need to put up a basic decking area in your garden. In this guide we will walk you through how to build the timber decking area using the materials provided. 

Included in the decking kits are:
Decking Boards
Timber Joists 
Decking Screws

Step One (Optional)

If preferred you can lay weed membrane down to cover the area underneath the decking, and cover with 2 inches of gravel to prevent weeds growing underneath and through the decking. This is a difficult problem to remedy if your garden deck is set permanently.

Decking Kit Step One

Step Two

Decide on which way you’d like the decking to run, front to back or left to right, as the inner joists will need to run the opposite way. Then lay the 2 outer joists using a spirit level. These are lengths of 4”x2” (100mm x 47mm).

Decking Kit Step Two

Step Three

Place the inner joists inside. Again, make sure you use a spirit level to ensure it is flat. Next, measure from corner to corner; if the measurements are the same, then it is perfectly square, if not, try again! Once it is square, screw the joists into place.

Decking Kit Step Three

Step Four

Lay the remaining joists on the inside too, as before, use a spirit level, and make sure they run the opposite direction to the way you want your decking boards. Then screw into place.

Decking Kit Step 4

Step Five

You will have one joist left over. You will need to cut this into 3 at the correct size, and place them in the gaps as in the picture below. Stagger them for extra strength, and screw into place.

Decking Kit Step Five

Step Six

Now we get onto the deck boards. Ignore the 2 longest boards; they will come in handy later. Ensure you still use a spirit level for these steps. Firstly, lay the 1st deck board flush with the edge, (remember, opposite direction to the inner joists) and screw down using the decking screws supplied. Then lay the rest of the deck boards, leaving a small gap between the boards, but don’t screw these down until you’ve got them all in the right place. A clever way to get the right size gap is to wedge a couple of screws between each board, these are around 3mm thick.

Decking Kit Step Six

Step Seven

Now, using the 2 longer boards, add them to the front and back, and use the left over smaller ones for the sides. This adds that finishing touch to your deck.

Decking Kit Step Seven

And there you have it, a complete decking kit for your garden. Hopefully it was easy enough to put together, but if you need any additional help please feel free to get in touch with us using the details below. 

Please take a look at our timber decking kits and if you need any further information please feel free to contact us. 

Once your decking kit is complete, why not take a look at our decking accessories to finish off your decking area with decking panels, handrails, anti-slip plates or even decking stain.

If you are happy with the finished decking area, we would love to see your photo's to see what you have created!

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