Gate Aftercare

As one of the UK's largest wooden gate supplies we offer a range of driveway, garden or entrance gates in a large range of styles.

Elevating the look of your driveway or garden entrance is an excellent means of enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your garden. To ensure the enduring resilience and style of your gate, we strongly advise applying stain annually. This proactive measure serves to safeguard the gate's structural integrity and design flair, ensuring its longevity over the years.

Using OSMO Oil to Protect your Gates

Benefits of OSMO Oil:

  • With the UV protection element of the oil it helps prevents gates from gates from warping / Twisting.
  • Protect Natural Colour - Over time most timber species will go silvery grey. The OSMO oil will help keep the natural colour of the timber
  • Helps Prevent Rot - It adds an extra layer of protection

How much OSMO do you need to apply?

  • Firstly work out the square meter area of your gate. This will be height x width.
  • Each tin of OSMO covers an 18sqm area, important to note: you will need to apply two coats. This means it really covers 9sqm
  • As an example: 1.8m high x 0.9m wide gate would be 1.62m2. You would need 3.24sqm of oil (1 tin) would be required


Featured Aftercare Product Bundles

Osmo Oil & Brush Set

Handmade Gates

Entrance / Driveway Gates

View our range of handmade driveway gates. With a choice of materials and design

Diamond Brace Gate

Our diamond brace gates are commonly used for field or driveway entrances

Garden / Side Gates

A range of featheredge, T&G or picket options. We have a full range of garden gates offering

OSMO Coloured Oil Protection

Osmo Cedar Oil

Cedar is know for it's stylish look and appeal. With this oil you can add unqiue look while also looking after the gate

Osmo Larch Oil

An increasingly populr timber species, with this oil you can acehieve larch colour whilst also protecting the gate

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